Tuesday, May 17, 2011

6pm-midnight [part four]

ok. el. numero. quatro [4].

[Yes, I was self-appointed captain of the spanglish club in high school.]


favorite #4.

but first if you missed part one [find it here]

missed part two [find it here]

part three [here]

and well ....... four ......


So the 6pm news came and went.   It was awesome.  great crowds. great vibe.  Lots of cars & people passing.  Dawn will have to help me on this but I loved that the same people passed me at 8am that passed me again at 6pm.  THAT brought in a lot of donations.  People figured out I was the same girl that was running hours ago......which peaked a lot of interest.  Which usually equalled a lot of cash.  awesome!

Forgot to mention another thing which I loved.

People were honking . . . . . all. day. long.

I loved it.  Not like the way creepy landscapers [no offense] honk but like supportive honking.  [yes, I truly think I know the difference].

Each time someone would honk - my arms would instantly & automatically go flying in the air.

I was like-freaking Pavlov's Dog.  loved it.

7:00-9:30pm brought . . . .

Another TM move. [lost 20 minutes] but the best move ever . . . . I was now facing the street [and walkway]!


potty break.
clothing change.
vitals check. [weight stabilized]
1/2 bagel with PB
pickle juice
body glide
Dawn - text/tweet updates [you guys are amazing]
sponge bath
placed an order for Chipotle [yum]

a lot. a lot. a lot of awesome visitors.

Family friends.
family family.

First Auntie B.  Auntie B - ya she rocks.  She's like a 18 year old in a "XX" woman's body.  The party starts when Aunt B arrives ...... and she has arrived. 

And even sweeter --- she brought my cousin Kijuana [who ran with me] and her two kids too.

Then one of my favorite people from church came [with her two uber handsome sons].

Then Summer and her sister came.  Summer.  Ahhhh Summer

She's amazing.  She found out about my run and set up a donation jar and bin at her work almost instantly.  Her daughter . . . . yep, her daughter is the one who wrote that awesome letter and gave me the $5.00 donation I wrote about here.  Awesome parenting.  That's what that's all about.  So happy I got to run with you Summer!


This awesome mom/daughter team stopped by after watching the morning news about this event.  donation made. 

Yep, got to run with her too.

And [get this] she had a 10k that next morning.  Loved. that.
I am, kinda, wishing I could remember what I told her when this photo was being taken?!
It must have been positive.

I got a run in with Mr. Michael Kornegay, himself.

Then. My. Idol. Came.

Seriously, love this woman.

My Spin instructor.  Yes, THE spin instructor.  Yep, the one I so stalking-ly voice record on my iPhone.

I hate group classes [like with a freaking passion].  This woman taught me to love them again. [well, as long as she is teaching]. 

I wish I could remember what she was telling me here:

I can hear her when I'm running races . . . .

"you've. got. this. don't think anything different"
"make uncomfortable your friend"
"keep your head in your training"
"show up on that hill"
"keep those thoughts in check"
"get to that next level of fitness"
"if you are not are absolutely wasting your time"
"discomfort is part of your training"

She came.  I had never even spoken to her.  I. felt. like. a freaking. rockstar.

[deep breath]

Enter potty break [remember we are pushing fluids hard right now]
Vitals check [weight still stable, yay!]
Eat Chipotle

Ya, I bet you want to see photos of that.

I was losing my beans [and chicken] ....


enter walking burrito break.

Enter potty break [FYI - Dawn and I - we started running during these potty breaks from here on out.]

Now it's time for the 10pm news.

awesome.  just awesome.

"Coop" - ya, he was super nice.  That's my nephew Tanner that I'm running with here.

Here's a glimpse of the crowd.  Thanks Kim for getting Peanut's hand up & bringing Mrs. Susie.

A check on mileage from Scott: [70-something]

Next a visit from RL and her boyfriend.  So.  Freaking.  nice.

I totally "paused" for her.

Then she came over to the TM to visit so I could keep the miles ticking.

Yep, and that's my brother.  MY brother.  He came back?!?!

[Emz. is. all. smiles.]
to RUN with me.  in total six.  six miles he ran with me.

Next.  A return visit, what?  I never saw her the first time?!

I'm an idiot.  Seriously.  So Mandi [from Mandi with an "I"] came back at 11pm.  HOLY. freaking. awesome. to run with me.  Her hubby came too.  So beyond awesome.

[enter blonde moment #44,744,44 - I didn't recognize her - I swear without the visor from her profile picture . . . . I was lost].

When did I figure it out?  Oh ya, when I said, "what was your name again?"

Mandi:  ummm Mandi.
Emz:  get. freaking. out.  get. freaking. out. You are Mandi.  THE Mandi?

[Emz looking all stupid and sheepish].

Thank you Mandi!

Enter another awesome friend from church [Jill & daughter] so sweet.  I am so blessed.

Enter best texts, tweets ever from ETR [yes, the amazing guy who sent me this buckle from my training run], MCM mama, Caroline & Chris K.

These people stayed up until midnight at which time Dawn lovingly told them . . . you can go to bed now.  She thinks [and we all know] you. rock.

Midnight brought a precautionary IV.

Yes, I was loving every minute.
And the best 30 minute walk with the Pita, ever.
Ugggg.  I can't see the screen . . . . .hope spell check works.

It's amazing what you realize [what you quietly see] when you are choosing to be stuck in one place.

I saw Dawn.  Never looking for any limelightAlways looking to help.  5 months?! no freaking way.

I saw my Pita, gathering donations, hugging strangers, hugging family, looking at me with googly eyes, texting family, getting me water, winking at me, making sure others had food, making sure family in attendance were as comfortable as could be [chairs, temperature, fluids], taking care of our daughter, the gratitude he was expressing to others, the love I FELT at each moment from him, he took care of all the bumps along the way [sometimes in whisper form] so I wouldn't be worried or concerned, I could tell he was freaking proud of me without saying a word [and sometimes a girl/wife/mom likes to feel that].

I noticed every second of it.  Every smile.  Every time he gave me a thumbs up as a question from afar [as to say, "you good?"].  I'd smile ear to ear and a few times fighting back grateful tears --- sticking my thumb up, way freaking high up . . . . . as to say


I love you Pita.


KovasP said...

Amazing the support you got - all for a good cause.

Michelle said...

Awww. ....I love Pita too....and am CRYING AGAIN X4!!!!

Finallyfit2011 said...

Another awesome post EMZ! Your family/friends are amazing wowzers!!!!

Christina said...

I love reading this! You, my friend, are a rockstar! The cause you did this to support is so incredibly important, which I know you know, but that makes you so awesome!

Unknown said...

holy cow, this just give me the chills. Thanks for the amazing recaps EMZ!

Julie said...

What was I thinking trying to read this while eating lunch...I think I dripped in my soup....

Anonymous said...

You. Are. Amazing. And as rockstar as the run is, what is amazing is the way you drink in and appreciate everyone and everything around you... how despite the fact that *you* were doing something amazing and giving, you view it as being blessed by all that surrounds you. The last paragraph about PITA made me weepy... wow. Strong and supportive. Thanks for being you.

Anonymous said...

googly eyes :) Seen them. Love them. Made me cry too

Caroline said...

Here is the title for tomorrow

Le numéro cinq

merci, thank you.
what? how to type é?

RunToTheFinish said...

these posts are incredible. the support is amazing and overwhelming and a true testament to the kind of life you lead

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