Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Le numero cinq - Thanks Caroline. I feel so French.

So this post should be the last in the 24 hour Run Emz Series.  That's a big "should" .  You may have to deal with me bouncing back to this event on occasion.  I'll try not to reference it too often but . . . to say it was a life changing / life defining day [as dramatic as that seems] doesn't even cover it.

here. we. go.
but first click here if you have [so sadly] missed any of the past installments. ;)


My parents took Peanut and her cousin to the hotel that the Sheraton had donated.  Yep, donated.  How awesome is that?! 

Reason # 8,744 why if you do a 24 TM run you should do it outside and downtown . . . . drunk people. . . . super funny. . . . super [probably] unknowingly generous . . . drunk people

To put it mildly, there was not a "dull" moment from 1am-2am.

DG [drunk guy]:  dude what are you doing?
MC [my{awesome}crew]:  she's running for 24 hours for charity.
DG: no way.
MC: way.
DG: no way.
MC: way.

[repeated 44 times]

Then there was the semi-DG [drunk girl] who ran barefoot with me, in a dress.  I did try conversing [in word form] with her.  It was more just a lot of smiles and semi-awkward looks.  but she was something else.

Then.  it. happened.  funniest. moment. of. the. night.

I look up and see this:

Get. freaking. out.

I was laughing so hard.  all the while yelling, "I so didn't call you!  You keep right on moving down that road."

At the same time my sister "happy" is yelling "stay here!  stay here! OMGosh need a photo!"

Guy in van:  what cha doing?
Me: not needing you. [insert ha ha ha]
GIV: how long you runnin'
Me: 24
GIV:  hours?

[I'm a huge fan of stupid questions]

Enter [run to the bathroom] potty break - this bathroom breaks are now being escorted by the Pita.  Thanks Pita.
Enter powerade
[I'm seeing a pattern here]
Enter Protein shake [2] not the ones I "like".  Can you tell from the photo?

Start running again.

ummm not good . . . .

Feel a blister coming on at both of my heels.

Thanks to Aaron and his Engo pads + the Pita's mad skills . . .

I/We are off and running again.

At this point I'm eating [and acting like]:

dried fruit
sour patch kids, awwwww yaaaaa.

Where's the 5 pound gummy bear you ask?

I. have. no. freaking. clue.
I'm sure Peanut took it to the hotel with her.

Enter 3am.

Dad is back?! 

JUST AS . . . . the TV cuts to an infomercial for a  "male enhancement device" and I mean device - like a huge freaking contraption.  We all busted out. [laughing]

My brother says, "Ya, watch Dad come back now."

enter. . . .
back . . .

Oh, man, it was just like being 12 and having a feminine hygiene product [commercial]come on TV.  You can't watch that crap with your dad around.


After we all got our giggles out.

There was a bit of a lull.

lull = emz zone [thinking happy thoughts]

[pretty quiet . . . . my dad is walking in front of me]

Dad: "I couldn't sleep knowing you are out here doing this."
Emz: I'm doing really good Dad.

Somehow I have failed to properly mention [feeling sheepish].  my dad.  MY dad.  He'd stop by at least every 90 minutes saying/asking.

"how you doing honey?"
"you feeling alright?"
"can I get you anything?"
"You're doing great."
"This is amazing"
"Need some more water?"

always in the sweetest tone.  calm voice.  clear voice assuring voice.

I hate using the word "proud" because I feel it sometimes has a negative connotation/feeling to it....but I knew . . . .  HE .... MY DAD....."Mr. Twinkle Toe's" himself. . . was proud of me.


I've always [ALWAYS] had an amazing relationship with my dad.  He has a unique and awesome relationship with EACH of his FIVE children that is truly amazing.

I. love. you. Dad.

[small iPod break]

Oh ya, and did I mention my family rocks?

My sister Evie [Y-von] staying the whole freaking night.  yes.  whole FREAKING. night.

I remember joking with my brother Mike and sister Y-von.  And seeing them joke with each other.  Reminded me of when we all lived under the same roof, traveled in the back of the same HYUNDAI for 13 hours to Logan, Utah . . . listening to "The Pet Shop Boys" and "Duran Duran".  Good times.  They are pretty funny and incredibly awesome characters.

okay.  wiping the tears.

About this time we [Dawn and I] started doing intervals.  6 minute run / 3 minute fast walk [4.3mph].

These potty breaks, vitals checks [required by channel 12 and my mom ;) ], clothing changes, shoe changes, treadmill moves [3] had all really started adding up, time wise. 

So Dawn got me rolling.  And the texts and tweets were rolling in again, thanks to you people back east {MCM} + early morning risers.

Was I tired . . . . yes.

but oddly, it felt more like an "I want to sleep" tired than an "I want to stop running" tired.  I just told Dawn to tell me when to start / stop on the intervals ..... I'd do whatever she told me to.

Did I mention Dawn is awesome? Well, I'm going to tell you again

Dawn, my texting, lashing, emoticon queen.  I needed her there.  And she was there.  The girl even picked up my nasty clothes in the bathroom [changes] and had to deal with me peeing with the door open [just in case I fell in the toilet --- didn't want her to have to army crawl into the stall].  She was there for me in a way no one else could have been.  Because she's tough as nuts, doesn't take any crap, she speaks her mind, she's not all girly & she "gets" me.

I got to 5am. 
I knew WE had the "100" in the bag.  No this wasn't a day about my "personal goals" but heck if I'm that freaking close . . . .why the heck not?!

I had decided hour 23 was for one special reader who emailed me her story.  A story I'll never forget.  A story that had an awesome ending.  A story of survival and more importantly success and empowerment.

CM - this last hour is for you.

And [sorry] I can't finish this today [like in one post]. 

The end of this event. . .well even though we know how this ends. . . . it needs it's own post.

It's 5:01am, my Peanut awakes.  Kim and Myrissa come.  Lynn from Vemma comes.  Dr. Ken -- you guessed it, he's there too. Huh, what?!  My spin instructor [plus her husband] are walking down the street towards me as well.

59 minutes left and I'm thinking, "I'm so not ready for this to be over."


MCM Mama said...

Yeah, there I was draggin' my hangover out of bed to text you and you were still running! I'll say it again - You.Are.Awesome!!!

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

Again, crying. Like your dad, I couldn't sleep that night either. I kept thinking about what you were doing amd how incredible your whole team/ family were and all the effort that you put to get it all together and could not sleep. Chuy did, though, in case you were wonderin'.

kimert said...

Aww. I love the part about your dad. You are just amazing! This whole thing is amazing.

Caroline said...

Oh la la!
yes you are very French!
I love it!
I love all of this!
I am like MCM Mama..well minus the hangover
I remember setting my alarm to get up before The end to send you a couple messages and to be sure to send a congrats you did it message AT 6 and Bill said something like you can send it at 7 and I was like HELL NO! I am going to sleep and she is STILL RUNNING. I am getting up. end of story.
I am so proud of you.
I am a huge fan of Emz's Mama
I am also a huge fan of Emz's daddy!

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