Friday, May 13, 2011

Part One [thanks to blogger - I get to rewrite this-yay]


So I hate greatly dislike "part" posts. [part one, part two, blah blah blah] but there really is no other way unless you want to read a post for 45 minutes. And trust me you don't.

The "event" really started for me on Thursday afternoon . . . . when the treadmills were delivered [from Athlete's Performance]. It felt like Christmas day. Then it came in . . . the photo of my [heee hee] Woodway Treadmills. [you can check them out on Facebook here, oh and feel free to mention to them how you think I should get one for half price while you are at it. ;) ]

Next off to pick up Dawn - awesome. Did I mention she realized this was "outside" on Thursday night at 9pm?! hilarious. Sunscreen anyone?!

Then I got an email from an amazing blogger which yep, sent me into tears. [shocking, I know] but the most awesome email ever.


emails like this. stories like hers.

a w e s o m e.

in bed by 9:40. . . . alseep by 10:30. . . .awake at 2:00am

ya, not great but I'll take it.
The alarm was set for 3:30 anyway.

interesting facts:

nerves on a scale of 1-10 . . . . 1.4
hunger scale 1-10 . . . . 0.4
Let's get this freaking run started scale 1-10 . . . . 44.

Got a shower - ya, it was going to be a while until my next one.
brushed teeth - ditto from above
got dressed - thanks Vemma!
got Jesus [prayer time] ;)
got 1/2 a bagel down
got 1/2 pickle juice down
brushed teeth again - ya forgot about the needed to eat thing.
got my PRR bag packed, thanks Ron!
got in the car.
Checked phone. . .

Time read:


awwwww. heck. freaking. ya. this was sooo going to be my day.

We arrived.

Escorted to the "green room" --- ya, I just like saying that. "green room"

where Dawn got this little photo of me and my Peanut looking tired but ready!

Only spent a few minutes in the green room [wink wink]. I didn't even get a chance to look in cupboards or steal take free sample sachets of sugar.

next. the. walk. through. the. studio.
I so love that Dawn took this photo. It was a fun moment. Chatting with the news people about the "RUN EMZ" shirts. Scott Light, he was awesome.

SL: hey you really running for 24?
Me: naaaaa just thought it'd get me on TV.
[weird pause]
Me: yes, I cannot freaking wait.
[weird pause....did she just say "freaking"?]
SL: love the shirts. who designed those?
Me: Patrick [then I go on about him being a blogger, his blog name, that I met him in Boston,

, what kind of bike he rides, his shoe size and one day the design for the RUNEMZ shirt was in my email inbox]

SL: very cool. I'm going to run with you today!
Me: awww heck ya! Can't wait!

Set-up time . . . .

Ya. baby. the "" sign. Thank you DAN!!

And yep, my parents, they rock.

not only was my mom [and my sister "happy"] my "manager", my go to in good and bad, my best cheerleader . . . .they also stayed the whole freaking night. Yep, all twenty-freaking-four hours.

We got the AC units going. All thanks to one "Randy" [this man is a one man show, he does it all]

Treadmills were leveled. I got my laugh on with my main man "Jay" [camera guy]. This man was awesome. Felt right at home.

okay now I'm cold.
Nervous cold?!

Enter Medical team [the freaking awesom-est ever . . DeRosa Medical]

bring out the snu.......ggie?!

fine I'll show you the photo.


I'm. a. believer!

Ya, I've got my "run emz" bracelet on. I hear they are going for $4.44 on eBay. Maybe that was in pesos, can't remember.

One last "I'm a nerd" photo . . .


time for that 24 hour clock to start and start counting down . . .

time to run.
time to raise money.
time for the training to be put to use.
time for Sojourner.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats again!!!!

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