Sunday, May 15, 2011

She's a rainbow [but she can't stand up]

okay first . . .  [the title . . . .ya THAT was chosen by my 10.94 year old, don't ask]

If you missed part 1 [click here]

If you missed part 2 [click here]

If you are up to date . . . . well, then I'll just be super impressed.

ok, so I changed [bet you can still smell me through the computer!]

But first, a few awesome things happened:

My Niece "T" came . . . yep, she's the super hot, super smart, super supportive niece who just took her MCATS - ya, she should probably work on being more motivated. She. is. amazing.

Nephew Tan came ---- and he's a runner -- awwww yaaaa.  His brother Troy had been with me since 5:30am - he was a part of the medical freaking awesome is that?!

My sister Y-von came with her four awesome kids.  Her son, the one I had an abs throw down with [uhhhh, heck ya, I won] rescheduled a trip [and therefore his friend's trip to me with me......nothing snarky here Michael, only love].  They brought balloons.  Loved that.  Y-von.....she even barefoot walked with me.  Loved that.

shoes came off. . . . . have I mentioned these Woodway's Rock!?
My sister "A" [the one I ran a marathon with in January] came with her four fab kids.  Did I mention they are moving to Indiana in July?  [crying sad face - where are my emotiocons when I need them?]

By 11am the crew was building for sure.

My Uncle, Aunt & Cousin came..... as well as a few friends from Stetson Chiropractic.  Pam - you are the sweetest ever.

What?  I think they look happy and super entertained.

 Dr. Ken, loved the pain patches, love the way you pushed for donations.  So appreciated.


The only true "tough time" I had was when I was in this cave-ish thing.  I could only see ahead of me.  And that's great because that's where my family was but my bum was to the street, couldn't see donors, passer-by's . . . .had to turn every time . . . . which eventually made my knee cry. 

Enter Potty Break.
Enter Vitals Check. [lost 5pounds ----- started pounding a lot more fluids]

Enter more pickle juice. . . . . .

I would like to note the bathrooms ----- well they weren't super close.  We were located right next to the studio so we couldn't trollop through there.  We had to go to the main entrance from 8am-5pm then the "employee entrance" from 5pm-6am.

No biggie, but you add all those up and I'm pretty sure it's an EASY 1.5miles.  Don't go throwing me under the bus, I know it doesn't "count" just lettin' you know the potty details.

At this point I was already looking forward to 5pm - when the TM's would be moved again [closer to the street].

But wait . . .there was some pure awesome in the cave.

Watched "Day's of our Lives" without sound or captioning.  I don't know Dawn but I think our story line was way better than whatever they were hoobaskanking-up. [yep, it's a word].

Enter - another muscle milk shake, another PowerAdeZero

It hit 1pm and it was like a wave of excellent happened.

My Brother came.  My Brother came.  My Brother came.  Didn't think he was going to be able to make it.  awesome. [x 444]

Was funny when he realized I was the only one doing the 24 hour run . . . . I usually talk too fast. and.sometimes. not. in. complete. sentences. 

He said, "so no one relieves you?"
Emz:  well I can pee on my own. jk
Emz:  ummmm nope.
Him:  [look I'll never forget]

I remember him just standing there just looking like "WTH"?  Maybe that wasn't what he was thinking but that's what it looked like he was thinking.

and. I. loved. it.

Dawn, Happy & Pita took a much deserved "break" [can't really call it that] and went to get pizza for the troops.

they. were. gone. too. long.

I know, I'm high maintenance.  I missed them.  Like a-freaking lot.

At 2pm, I had the most awesome visit ever.

These kids from "Kids For Peace".

They came with a huge product donation [supplies] for Sojourner and money they made from the lemonade stand.

bring. on. the. tears.

The walked in chanting.

"Go Emily ,Go!"
"Go Emily ,Go!"

"Go Emily ,Go!"

"Go Emily ,Go!"

"Go Emily ,Go!"

Even with signs.  you freaking bet there was a "you've. freaking. got. this." sign.

It all starts with the kids.  Love them.  Peanut jumped back on for a few.

Had quite a few people stop by in the next little while which was awesome-----but all the talking, emotions, happy tears . . . I think got me a litttle worn out.  I know, cry me a river [I freaking loved it but...] I needed a little "tune out" .

Enter iPod.

20-25. minutes.  good. as. new.

Amazing what Eminem, Wiz K, Dr. Dre, 50 cent, Jay-Z & Mary J [yes, Dawn she helped this white girl find her swagger] can do to get one out of a funk.

Oh and Dawn, Happy & Pita were back ----- thank goodness.

Knee was still kind of funky put a pain patch on - which stayed on the remainder of the time.

5pm brought:

a TM move [15-20 minutes]
body glide shower
a Potty break
a vitals check
a clothing change
a 1/2 bagel with PB [thanks Dawn]
a powerade with ice [thanks Pita]

5:15 awesome.

Emz:  but my bum is still to the pathway?!
Pita et all: has to be this way for the news interview.
Emz:  feeling pretty bad for the people who are getting out of work, walking by.

Enter my awesome girls from my church group.  Can you believe they let me teach young children?!

they. are. awesome.

Thanks to Kim, they came.  And they came bearing signs of love and support. 

Full. heart.
Time for 6pm news.

And get this . . . . the guy who  did my first TV interview [clip] sad he was going to come and . . . . totally did.
Freaking. Happy. Emz.  
He's was a sprinter [back in the "college days" or "previous life" as he put it].
was so great of him to come. . . . loved every minute.
And I keep on . . .
runnin'. runnin'
[Emz thinking . . . I hope I remember all of this.  I want to remember everything.  Every ache.  Every honk.  Every "you go girl".  Every person who shared their story with me. Every smile.  Every donation.  Every woman.  Every safe woman.  I don't want this feeling to ever end. . . . ]


Caroline said...

Part 3!
hourra tralalilalere!
ok say that 10 times really fast now!!!! with a French accent.

It is so moving to see how many people came to support you. I think it shows what a great person you are. Really.

you are doing a good job at describing how this was. EPIC. This was a LOT. More then just left-right-left-right on a machine.

Caroline said...

Oh should I call you rainbow now? 10.94...someone is having a bday soon..

Michelle said...

I'm loving these posts! :) I think you are doing an incredible job remembering it all. And not surprising, it is obvious that your family ROCKS just like you!

Finallyfit2011 said...

I just love these - hearing about the whole day is amazing!!! So guess what? Since I've started running & told my kids about what you did, my 9 year old daughter wants to start running w/ me!!! Whoo hoo!!! We plan to sign up for Girls on the Run in the Fall :) :)

Emz said...

FF2011. that has made my day

XLMIC said...

Okay, I'm crying again. That last, bracketed paragraph just did me in. You are amazing (x444) :) You are love and giving in a lean, blonde package with killer abs and the best shoes. My heroine.

Chunky Monkey said...

What an amazing journey!

gba_gf said...

Words are a total fail for me right now. Can we just pretend I've written something really fabulous here, something better than "You so freaking' Rock!"... OK? Because you SO FREAKING ROCK.

Jen said...

No wonder you were losing weight! Besides all the running, there was all the crying! Your whole journey is so touching. It's amazing to see all the people who love you come together to support you and your cause. Running is a really great way to see how others really do love you! You are amazing EMZ! And I love the way you described your brother's face! Priceless! Oh, and I am loving all the details including the potty breaks cause I was wondering about that!

kimert said...

Ok, I am so late to the game... I admit I am a horrible blogger ( I read about this awesome thing you did a LOT last week and kept telling myself..."I'm going to check her out, her it all." And of course blogger went haywire. So, here I am finally reading this. YOU ROCK! Wow. That's all I can say for now. I have lots of catching up to do but I'm your newest follower for sure!

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