Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Words" - Train

[BTW, if you have not heard the above mentioned song . . . ya.... you'll want to]
[also - this post is non-running related {yes, I had one heck of a workout x 2 today but that's not what's on my mind today} so you've been warned].

Last night the Pita and I had a LONG. LONG. LONG.


the. best. talk. in. years. The one where you start it at 9pm and you feel like it's been 14 minutes but it's really been 94 minutes.

We. got. talking. about. words.

Simple. little. words.

The words we choose say a lot about the kind of person we are.

When talking to friends, family, even strangers, our conversation and disposition reflect our insides like a crystal clear, well lit mirror.

I'm 100% guilty of not always speaking kindly. I'm highly emotional. And unfortunately, [can be] highly [HIGHLY] reactive. I remember in my [pre-home business days] asking some folks to do their job [on a project we were working on]. I'm sure I didn't always demonstrate that nicer way.

Flash forward a few years. Semi-maturity sets in with life/marriage/family experience. Unexpected opportunities and heartbreaks put the big picture in perspective.

Believe it or not . . . . . I've [actually] mellowed, I've accepted, I've gained a better sense of reality.

Swear words rarely cross my lips, and these days I make a point of profusely thanking people for their kind deeds or the work they do to compliment my own projects/plans.

Sure, I still occasionally fall into the trap that is called snarky, but by in large I try to live with an open heart and mind and kindness in my words [or at least make sure I AM NOT intentionally hurtful].


It feels good when we say something that makes everyone chuckle or roll their eyes or respond.

Doesn't it feel great when people think you're funny? And blonde + funny does NOT = stupid funny. ;)

Humor has a way of making us each an easy mark. Go ahead. Make fun of my toenails or lack thereof. Some of the clothes I wear? They've probably got a target on 'em. The sucktastic race I just had. Some of the stuff I do? Heck yes, I bet you can find the humor in that, too.

However, humor with an intent to hurt makes me question the source's motives. It makes me question the source's insecurities.

I'm grateful for all of the challenges I've fought through [as well as my family] in the past 4-5 years. They've f r e a k i n g made me stronger, and they've given me the right to only care about the stuff and people who really matter.

Adversity is a gift.

And I'm choosing my words carefully.

Thanks P.D.M.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Motivation" - Kelly Rowland [feat. Lil Wayne]

Seattle . . .

You left me feeling like this. [ummm but actually, this was pre-race ---- shoulda known ;) ] SO love Amanda and her signature pose.

Seattle has left me with something . . . . . .

M o t i v a t i o n . [x 4,444]

That 3:10 marathon.

That "BQ like a man" goal.

- - it's so freaking mine. Ya, it might be in January of 2012 not December of 2011 [as I was planning] but . . . I'm totally okay with that.

So on to SEATTLE race report with new happiness and a lot less anger.

On the way there. I saw my mountain. And this awesome opportunity to advertise for Southwest.

Awesome moment #1:
Sitting in seat - look up for air fan thingy . . . . Am I the only one who instantly thought this was an Ironman sign? Jeff, was I in your seat?!

Loved that.

Awesome #2:

Sitting next to an 18 year old and his Dad on the way to the Expo on the "light rail". He was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo intrigued.

him: we don't have these in Oklahoma!
him: we have to pay to ride things like this at the fair!
him: and we have to pay about $3.00 MORE!

It went on and on and I loved it.

EXPO time:

Fun stuff.
Got to meet a friend from DM [dailymile] Samantha. awesome.

then........well.......we pretty much rolled out.

It's Seattle! I don't want to go to the expo for hours! It's sunny and did I mention
freaking . . . 65*.

Soooooo.......we went to Pioneer Park [I think]. I chilled with the baggage and the Pita found some awesome sandwiches at a local place.

We sat in the sun and listed to this guy jam on this violin-ish looking thing.

a w e s o m e.

Went to our hotel.



Do you see what I see?

Yep. My CC bill going up by the second. Nordy's. Heaven.

So the Pita dragged me out and we were off for. . . .

Pita Vs. Seattle food fest 2011.

Yep - First stop: Pike's for:
1. Strawberry Shortcake
2. Sandwich
3. Bread Pudding
4. Peach [what?]
5. Blueberries
6. Mac N' Cheese
7. Salad [Cesar]
8. mini donuts

I got:

Boosh. heck ya! Best. $15. Ever.

Signs from Pike's. I. freaking. loved.

Awwwww. yaaaaa.

Oh and I found this to eat.

ummm, was NOT yum.


Then I said so what's for dinner and --- ya, he wasn't hungry. In fact he was a bit full. So off to the gym we went at 7pm.

In PitaVille . . . . workout = hungry again in an hour [I'm smart & I want dinner]

Got 5 miles in. He did 40 on the elliptical [new record].

shower. clothes.

On. We. Go!

ummm, ya. we didn't make it out the hotel door.

Hello, Ruth's Chris & Blue C were IN our hotel.
nom. nom. nom.

This was the Pita's day. He had a few worky things he/we needed to do.
We drove to Gig Harbour for the day.

b e a u t i f u l.

House we went to - A-freaking-mazing.

They chatted.

I chilled.

Loved it.

Dinner. . . . . Spaghetti . . . the best ever.


Salmon. The good crap. Alaskan something - something.

Yep, I tried. I likey'd. I ate.

Fast Forward one hour.

We late-y leaving. Pita Indy 500-ing our way back. Emz a pukie. [big time]. I get car sick/motion sick. This. was. bad.

Ate 1/2 bagel. Texted Dawn [duh, she totally needed to know about this], drank two 16oz bottles of wa-waaa-washington water.

Set alarm.

I'm out.

Woke up. felt a bit "wonky" but good great! [no excuses].

Walked 1/3 mile to shuttle. Was on within 5 minutes. I kinda "cut".
Shortish bus ride. Arrived with an hour to spare. Toilet. Bag drop off. Stand in front of generator for 30 minutes inhaling who knows what but it was warm.

Walked up to corrals. Saw Jess, Mel & Amanda [above mentioned photo].

And I am off.

I unknowingly ran past Chelsea. She. Freaking. Rocks.

She took these photos!

And I CANNOT believe I didn't see this.

Yep, she made it too.

[hmmm, I haven't been there today]

So... ya..... not mentioning running numbers but it wasn't pretty.

First 6-10 [ish] miles were 7:23 average

Here's me smiling for the Pita.

To which he said: "What are you doing 3:20 is ahead of you. suck it up. run faster!"

he. knows. me. well.

he didn't know my legs today.
They weren't there.

blah. blah [I sucked] blah. blah.
3:27:08 [flipped off camera guy]
Finish line. YAY!

My Pita.

Love. Him.

Then Jess - got this awesome photo for us. Thanks Jess!

Then I got my photo with the girls. Super.Sweetness.
[Me, Stacie, Mel & Jess]. Sorry, I kept you guys waiting for FREAKING ever.

And one photo with me and Stacie.

[the treadmill lovers!!] ---- [let me rephrase, we love treadmills!]

OK -----

So I'm hiding that I'm uberP'dOffRightNow.

Walk in hotel. Bye Bye hotel. Off to TM for 2 miles. NOW, I am better.

Ice. ice. ice.

texting while icing.


It's fun time.
Got my Run Emz shirt on [shuddup].

And it was time for food.


shopping [photo intentionally omitted, Nordy's!], Ninja's,

getting "Randy" [Randy Couture]. . .
[seriously. nicest. guy. ever. Sat three seats away from him.]

And four points to the Pita for scoring front row seats. Crazy fun.

at the baseball game & a 4 mile walk.

a w e s o m e n e s s .

Here's what the Pita thought of my finishing time:

[which is 29.4% why I love him. He knows I expect a lot of myself and he expects EVEN 4 times more.]

The run . . . . ya, I sucked it up.

but . . .

the weekend . . . . best one EVER.

Monday, June 27, 2011

"Pumped Up Kicks" - Torches

One photo can explain so very much . . . . .

To me it says . . . . .

* It was a blast.
* Best weekend away with the Pita - e v e r
* I love MY RunEmz shirt. Ya, I have one - I may even have two! ;) I'm sooooooooooo ok with self promoting if it has anything to do with REV RUN. [Yep, for you Dawn]

* I can get myself out of a bad mood in 28.4 minutes flat.

this photo shows . . . .

About how fast I ran this marathon. A almost 9 minute NON-PR.

* I still love you Seattle.

A ton more to come tomorrow.

Ever had a race that left you feeling like . . . . .WHAT THE FREAKING HECK?!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"I'd Rather" - Luther Vandross

Today's post idea COMPLETELY hijacked from Jess.

yep, JBP.

The Ninja, Yoga, Nuun runner! YAY!

So here we go . . . .


1. Put away 24 bags of groceries [seriously, there are 24]


Clean the bathroom toilet?

2. Sleep in your car? [dude, this is a grocery store parking lot --- go home]


Sleep on an airplane?

3. Run 20 miles on a treadmill?


Run 2.5 miles outside [after you already ran 10.25 on TM or outside] with your dog? [because you know he'll get zero exercise while you are away] Ya, um.....I was pointing to my pit sweat.

4. Be engaged for a year and have your "dream" wedding?


Be engaged for 3 months?

**My nephew Troy and his soon-to-be-bride Julia**

Engaged. LAST. night!!

We love you T & J!!

5. Text your hubby for needed info?


Call him knowing ....... he ........ can't ....... complete .....

My Answers:

1. toilet
2. airplane
3. TM x 444
4. 3 months
5. t e x t - then I have it in writing too! ;)

Happy Wednesday!

Guest post[s] by Peanut - while I'm in Seattle!
Ya. have. fun. with. that!

Monday, June 20, 2011

"Round Here" - Counting Crows

What's been going on "Round Here" [in numbers] .

41 - minutes had to wait for Peanut's v-ball game to start Saturday.
30 - minutes I spent figuring out my 2011 mileage while I waited.
7 - times the Pita shook his head like, "seriously cannot believe you are doing that"
2 - times he actually said the above mentioned "thought".
1,523.5 - miles I have run in 2011. I rounded down to make sure I was legit.
[I actually coame up with 1,524 - prior to my 15.5 today but. . . .I'd rather error on the side of caution]

4 - times I smiled thinking ----- I like that number.
1 - girls who's mom uses good laundry detergent. [You. are. freaking. welcome. Peanut.] Seriously. Cheer Color Guard people!

2 - times I went to Costco over the weekend.
4 - times I went to Costco during the week [last week]
6 - pounds of blueberries we I went through in 5 days.
2 - people in my family that had birthday's over the weekend!!
1 - number of marathons I signed up for since Friday. SAN FRAN here I come!
14 - number of marathons I will have run [after I finish SF]
3 - # of songs I downloaded over the weekend, "Edge of Glory", "Through The Fire" & "stupid" .
5 - times I iced my knee while driving around doing errands. Awwww. yaaaaa. multi-tasking. rocks.

1 - number of iPad's purchased
1 - date night.
68 - dollar amount spent on sushi.
7 - times I thought ---- seriously, can I get this man a "starter bowl" of noodles?!
5 - number of accessories needed for above mentioned purchase [when the Pita shops with you].
112 - number of texts I sent to Dawn on Friday. wesodonothaveaproblem.
50 - minutes it took me to make Father's Day Breakfast yesterday!! Holy crap. My Dad used to get cereal & toast! [Sorry Dad]
51 - minutes I spent with MY Dad yesterday. [I'm coming back for more today though!!]
5 - Days until Seattle Rock N' Roll!

**Numbers Please!!**

Tell me at least two things that happened to YOU over the weekend [in numbers].

H a p p y M o n d a y !

Friday, June 17, 2011

"My Friends" - RHCP

f r e a k i n g

Truth be told . . . .

Some of my most favorite ones . . . I've never even met [not yet, anyway].

Call that "creepy", "weird" and or "not normal". I'm perfectly fine with that.

Then, once I do . . . . . it rocks. I have left every blogger meet-up thinking . . . Yep, exactly as awesome as I thought him or her would be. [And most of the time, some how even AWESOME-R]

One of the bloggers. . . . I am dying to meet . . . .

C a r o l i n e.

You can find her speaking pig-latin French [here].

And seriously . . . I had to CALL her after I saw this post:

So. freaking. thoughtful.

So after my 24 hour run.

I received an email [with a freaking awesome attachment].

She had put all my posts from my 24 hour treadmill run into a book.

Like a book I can keep forever.

Like a book, I'd have NEVER gotten around to / MADE time to make.

She sent me the link [plus a coupon, this lady is a thinker]

And now I have this:

The book that can make me cry by page two. Actually 2.4.

I love the last page too. Dawn, Mandi, my old 2nd grade boyfriend interviewing my Peanut . . . . ;)

I truly don't have the words Caroline.
And after that email yesterday [which, by the way . . . .is the best email I have ever received on that/explaining {that} topic].

I. must. meet. you. [we'll throw in the abs showdown with CK as needed].

Thoughtful people rock. Are you are one of the most thoughtful people I have ever meet/not met. ;)

Thank you. [x 4,444,444]

Who has been thoughtful to you lately?
Give them a shout out HERE!!!

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE check out Walk a Mile in My Boots; she is hosting a freaking HUGE giveaway to kick Cancer!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Bless The Broken Road" - Rascal Flatts

Is our life plotted out ahead of time, or do we get to call some of the shots along the way?

Forgive the brief religious discussion, I'm familiar with the philosophy of free will - the idea that God gives us the road map but we have the choice to veer away [positive or negative] from the plan and make our own way from time to time.

This internal discussion on life comes to mind after a conversation we had at the dining room table last night.

Peanut: Mom, how do you think life would be if you hadn't miscarried and I had a 2 year old brother or sister?
whoa. didn't see that coming.
Me: [silent - tears filled my eyes instantly]
Peanut: sorry mom
Me: no, no. Don't be. I'm just thinking for a second.
Peanut: [looking down at her spaghetti, no she didn't like the butter chicken ;)]
Me: Peanut. I love you.
P: [smile]
Me: well . . . . I'd hope it be a lot like it is here today. I like today. Do you?
P: ya Mom, I really do.
Me: There would be a lot less marathons, I'd imagine. Probably would not have been a 24 TM run. I'd still be working from home . . .we may have moved?! I don't truly know kid.
P: [grin]
Me: [I could see her brain was working over time]
P: Do parents really love their kids the same?
Me: yes, for the most part but we all know I'm Nana & Papa's favorite. [I kid. I kid.] Yes, Peanut.
P: but I want to be YOUR favorite. I don't ever want to "share" you.

We continued for another 5 minutes.
It. was. awesome.
Loved discussing how some things we get to decide/choose . . . . other things we freaking "get" to go through.

The choices we make, the places we go and the people we meet - they all truly make a significant impact on the life we live.

It's fun to dream about the future, and how it's being impacted by the people and activities we/I am focusing on today.

I have no idea what [EXACTLY] tomorrow holds, but I know I'm going to freaking love it.

Happy Thursday, My Friends.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

There's No "I" in TEAM . . . but there is a ME!

Okay, this HAD been our little joke around my house.

Let me explain . . . . .

So years [and years & years ago . . . not like Chris K years but. . . ] I was on a "team".

A. freaking. awesome. team. [a couple of different ones, actually]
[yep, see that "4"]



on a team for 6 years.

then [long story short]

no volleyball
add running, marriage & my Peanut.

And waaaaaa laaaaaaa . . . . the "SOLO" athlete was born.

in a BIG way . . . . I freaking loved it.

if I won = because of me.
if I lost/sucked = because of me.

I. controlled. the. outcome.

And being that I'm maybekindasorta a control freak. I. loved. this.

L O V E D . it.

But as I sent out this message yesterday: "To go OR not to go to spin class, THAT IS the question!"

I mean come on . . I had run 13 miles the day before and 12 miles on this day. I was a little tired.

But then the replies came in:

From Mandi with an "I" : "Don't make excuses that's what normal people do."

From Jason at "Cook Train Eat Race" : "No question at all. Just go."

So I sent this back to Jason.

The bike that was about to be my female dog for the next 59 minutes.
It doesn't come in argyle, [sad face] uggg.

This is when I realized. I am a part of a team.

call it what you want:


And. I. smiled.

Completely. zoned out for the next 57 minutes. At which time the freaking awesome trainer [who came to see me at my 24 hour treadmill run] came up right beside me telling me . . . .

in a not quiet voice . . . and with her hands clapping [what felt/sounded like a mere 4" from my face"

"Run up THAT hill"
"is this all you have?"
"are you giving me YOUR best?"
"you've got this!" [You KNOW, I loved that]
"this is YOUR finish"

awwww. freaking. ya.

I. have. a. team.

The freaking best team ever.

You guys rock. I thank YOU.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

things I'm Loving [ok, plus one non-love]

What I'm loving [and maybe a few things I'm not] . . .


* I got my 12 mile run this morning completed by 6:45am. Who "tapers" anyway? ;)

* This photo my sister "happy" sent me from the day after my 24 hour treadmill run. That's me and my uber ugly "oh my gosh those are MY toes" face.

* This FREAKING awesome photo of Nelly sporting the RUN EMZ shirt at the San Diego Marathon expo.  Awww yaaaa you know who he's next to!

* Loved this photo from Date Night Party Night.

* Loved this message from eBay. I totally bought things so it'd total $4.44. Wait . . . I think I should earn more . . $44.44 is right around the corner.

* Finished my run . . . off to the shower and saw this in the bathroom.

I. freaking. love. the. little. things. [please notice how it's on a towel. he knows me. he knows me & my germaphobe ways VERY well.]

* The home I am wanting at the moment. Once it drops another 100k. I'm all over it.

The inside is freaking INSANE! And it has a "skull" mat at the entry way. Which pretty much means . . . . it's mine.

* I am sooooooooooooooooooo still loving my Gotein.

Awwwww. yaaaaaa. Addicted? why yes, thank you.

* Still loving that the HEAT lost.

Freaking. loving. that.
Dawn can I please get one of these with Lebron wearing one too. Thank you.

Not Lovin':

* My car battery died. But seriously. Seriously. $450?

Are they high?

I say, "yes" and "they must be grouchy HEAT fans too".

What are you lovin' and or NOT lovin' today?