Thursday, June 9, 2011

E l e v e n .

Whenever I see "your smiling face"
I have to smile myself
Because I love you (Yes, I do).

Happy Birthday to you my Peanut.


E l e v e n .

Where has the time gone? [I know. I know. stunting growth is not recommended]


you. are. my. girl.
you. are. my. favorite.

you are my go to stylist.
My dance teacher. Yes, thanks to you - I can do a mean robot and a wicked sprinkler.

You are the world's best hugger.

And you know I'm a hugger.

I love to hear you sing, "On My Father's Wings" when we are in the car on a family road trip. It makes my heart melt [and it makes your Dad drive slower as he fights back the tears.]

You are sensitive [you can thank me later]. You are tender. You are thoughtful. You never treat others unkindly. Never.

When you are in your room with your friends. . . .

I. hear.

I hear things that are being said. I am and have always been proud of the way you speak to others, treat others, think of others & make others feel comfortable.

I'm proud of the way you speak up for yourself and your beliefs. You speak up for me. You are always looking out for your family.

Look how far we've all come this year, nutty! I'd say . . . . pretty. freaking. far.


pretty. f r e a k i n g . amazing.

2011 - will hold many "awesomeness" moments for you and for us as a family.

and. guess. what . . . . ? ? ? . . . .

we've. freaking. got. this.

I love you with all my heart.
To the moon and back . . . . and back.


your "crazy" Mom.