Friday, June 3, 2011

early run, basketball fun & holy date night

. . . . . That 4:27am is a little early to get up on a Friday . . .

I love running early. but not usually on Friday's. And not AFTER super fun [late] basketball games the night before.

But it was a blast at the game last night.

I mean seriously. . . . . the man wears my number in honor of me. [insert "awwwwww"]

It was the first game of the new "old man" season.

boy . . . .

you. could. tell.

Air ball count = eight
cuss words = too many to count
beer bellies = ditto from above
ref beer bellies = one

ref who fell because of their bellies = one

It's soooooooo funny sitting in the stands hearing people talk about the Pita:

"He's tall" [you are a genius]
"He's probably 6'4"" [haaaaaaaaa, until you stand next to him then he's 6'8"]

"That tall guy has a nice shot" [duhhh, part of the reason I married him]
"I bet he played in college" [naaaaaa, wrestling]
"He should have blocked that . . " Me: Hey you freak! That wasn't even remotely by him. How'd you want him to block it with his go-go-gadget arms?

reason #4,487 why I should not be allowed to go to a sporting event. Especially one in which a family member is playing in.

But hey, game one, done [& won]. And the Pita [or his um err family] didn't even get kicked out for bad behavior. s c o r e !

Thanks to Dawn who let me bug her with these awesome factoids during the game.

We came home to find the Pita's pets out doing their night-time "roam about" .

Let me introduce you:

Here's "largy" - yep, he's large.

Here's "medium" - yes, we are original.

Here's "spot" - well, duh because he has spots. ;)

Side note "extra large" died.

They. are. awesome. right?!


Creepy. right?!

so on to tonight.

date. night. YAY!

I found out about it in this super awesome card I got in the mail from the Pita on Wednesday.

Freaking. Loved. it.

I've censored it for Peanut's viewing pleasure.

Happy Friday to ALL!!


kimert said...

I'm jealous of date night. I asked my hubby on a date tonight...but it's just the usual. Gym and a run. Which I guess has it's perks but geez dinner and a movie would be a sweet deal too!
ENJOY your night!!! :)

Kim K. said...

AWESOME TIMES!!! And hope you had a great date night - love those!!! Hey guess what? I won a "Running Sucks" tshirt from DailyvitaminK WORD!!!!

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