Monday, June 13, 2011

holy. freaking. fabulous. weekend.

Fabulous weekend. . . . has spilled over into Monday.

I'll. freaking. take. it!

Let's crunch the numbers:

1 - awesome hats I managed to inherit.

3 - times I got to punch MK in the abs just to make sure they really were that flabby.
444 - times I thought to myself. Man I freaking love this kid. What? We can't have him getting a head/ego the size of that hat!!

2 - Times I got to see my 20+ family members.

1 - visit to Chino Bandito. holy. yum.
3 - homes we looked at. Man, there are deals out here in AZ. How how do we get rid of ours?! hmmmmmmm.
2 - bike stores visited. My fav was the argyle one. Sweet. I'm sure it's probably the "worst" one but loving the argyle. No purchases just yet.

6 - number of dog barfs [Chuy - the little useless dog] I got to clean up on Friday night.
24 - number of times I cursed him in my thoughts. Does that count as cussing?
78 - approximate number of gummy bears, I'm guessing, the little Chu-ster ate to cause 6 barfs.
5 - number of people surrounding me saying "gross" as I cleaned them up [over a 2 hour time span].
0 - number of people who actually helped me clean it up.
5 - number of hamburgers purchased at 12:30am from Jack-in-the-box.
0 - number of people who wanted breakfast at 7am.
5 - number of people who were "starving" by 8am.
1 - number of volleyball games attended.
5 - number of service "aces" Peanut had in her volleyball game.
1 - number of bets won.
104 - number of times I told the Pita . . . I. freaking. love. the. Mavs.
7 - number of unanswered texts from Mrs. RD [Miami lover]. You've got to read her post from today.

1 - number of times I told her . . . . "friends don't let friends be Heat fans" .
4 - times I have thought about "cupcakes" today. Weird. [Dawn, I kid. I kid.]

13 - miles I ran today.
5 - miles on my schedule for today.
214 - times Pita has told me in the last week. I have no idea how to follow a schedule.
12 - days until Seattle RNR Marathon
0 - percent chance I'll PR.
100 - percent chance I'll have the best trip ever with the Pita.

I. Love. Seattle.

Your turn ------ give me two things [in number form] you did this weekend!

Happy. Freaking. Monday!


Nora said...

4 - number of cat barfs cleaned up
1 - pounds of king crab consumed personally
500 (give or take) - number of dogs in the 5k race on Saturday

yeah, that's three - just wanted you to know you weren't alone in cleaning up animal vomit. :)

Marlene said...

I love your number post! Sounds like a pretty spectacular weekend to me!

Here are mine:

1 - number of 9 oz glasses of wine consumed
4 - number of 9 oz glasses of wine I wanted to consume


Cynthia said...

11.5 number of miles I ran yesterday.

8 number of hot wings I ate on Friday at Buffalo Wild Wings

444% happy for Seattle RnR! Can't wait!

BDD said...

The Felt F95, if the price is under $750, then its worth buying. Its shouldnt be over that amount for that particular bike.

bobbi said...

1.5 - number of pieces of birthday cake consumed (my son didn't finish his - can't waste it!)
423 - number of times I freaked out (again) about my upcoming marathon.

Looks like you had a great weekend (minus the dog barf, of course)...

Kiley said...

Such a fun post - I love that you ran 13 when you were scheduled to run 5...especially the number of times Pita said you don't know how to follow a schedule. Love it

219 - runners I saw running the race I should have been running (currently injured)
764 - miles we drove to watch the race, see my sister/family, and celebrate our 3 year anniversary.

adena said...

I love these numbers.. except the dog puke ones. dog barf sucks, poor you.

you rock, have i said that yet today?

ltlindian said...

3000--most likely the number of calories I ate just yesterday.... ugh

139--the number of pounds I weigh. This is a great number for me! I haven't been below 140 in many, many years! :D (Despite said calories above....)

0--number of miles or amount of exercise I did this weekend. boo

1500--seems like the number of inches of rain we have received over said weekend.

Allison said...

7 - number of triathlons completed as of Sunday 6/12

9 - days until my birthday

30 - number i will be ON my birthday

4,444,444 - tims it felt like I told my precious niece how much I love her and how proud of her I am. best.part.of.the.weekend.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

10-miles run on Saturday
476-jawbreakers I felt I deserved to eat after the run. And I did!

Awesome weekend, love the breakdown in numbers!

Kelly Leigh said...

eeeee I love numbers posts.

1 - night in London
3 - number of soft tacos I inhaled at the only Chipotle in England.

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

24-number of Cream Biscuits made
2-number of Cream Biscuits consumed (thank you boys for coming home)
7-times I heard a child ask daddy which team he wanted to win The Game.
2-times daddy heard a child ask him which team he wanted to win The Game and he answered
3-number of hours napped on Sunday
2-number of surfboards that parked themselves in my room on Saturday. I'm pretty sure this is 25 times worse than a parked TM.
14-number of times I thought to myself "I'm so lucky to have EMZ as my friend."

Unknown said...

I love this post... I love that hat... and I love that bike. Just sayin'...

1 - number of bike races I attended (for hubby)
3 - number of horse and buggies I saw there!
458 - boys I beat on my bike in my race on Sunday!

Unknown said...

ahhh, love that. Friends don't let friends be heat fans. Ain't that right!

Pam @ said...

Oh this post reminds me! I thought of you a couple of weeks ago when I learned something new about my husband. I learned that he was born at 4:44 am. lol How cool is that?!

Anonymous said...

I only thought winners and Charlie Sheen got RUN EMZ shirts - why is that loser D-Wade wearing one?

Julia said...

Congrats to Peanut on her awesome volleyball game! So excited for your trip to Seattle! woo hoo! Lets see this weekend: saw 10 arches with the fam at Arches National Park. 15.5 miles hiked over the entire weekend. And 1- my first marathon! It was also a great weekend for me!

Jealous your weekend spilled over into Monday...those are always the best kind :) Have a fabulous day!

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