Friday, June 17, 2011

"My Friends" - RHCP

f r e a k i n g

Truth be told . . . .

Some of my most favorite ones . . . I've never even met [not yet, anyway].

Call that "creepy", "weird" and or "not normal". I'm perfectly fine with that.

Then, once I do . . . . . it rocks. I have left every blogger meet-up thinking . . . Yep, exactly as awesome as I thought him or her would be. [And most of the time, some how even AWESOME-R]

One of the bloggers. . . . I am dying to meet . . . .

C a r o l i n e.

You can find her speaking pig-latin French [here].

And seriously . . . I had to CALL her after I saw this post:

So. freaking. thoughtful.

So after my 24 hour run.

I received an email [with a freaking awesome attachment].

She had put all my posts from my 24 hour treadmill run into a book.

Like a book I can keep forever.

Like a book, I'd have NEVER gotten around to / MADE time to make.

She sent me the link [plus a coupon, this lady is a thinker]

And now I have this:

The book that can make me cry by page two. Actually 2.4.

I love the last page too. Dawn, Mandi, my old 2nd grade boyfriend interviewing my Peanut . . . . ;)

I truly don't have the words Caroline.
And after that email yesterday [which, by the way . . . .is the best email I have ever received on that/explaining {that} topic].

I. must. meet. you. [we'll throw in the abs showdown with CK as needed].

Thoughtful people rock. Are you are one of the most thoughtful people I have ever meet/not met. ;)

Thank you. [x 4,444,444]

Who has been thoughtful to you lately?
Give them a shout out HERE!!!

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE check out Walk a Mile in My Boots; she is hosting a freaking HUGE giveaway to kick Cancer!

Happy Weekend!


Tom said...

That's cool. What a great gift. I also have some good friends via blogging who I have never even met. I don't even know what some of them look like, but I appreciate all their friendships.

Marlene said...

Best gift ever!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm impressed you manage 2 blogs and are a super duper superstar runner! Now I'll follow both.. :)

Caroline said...

thank you for this. so much.
It made me happy to do this for you and even happier that you liked it!

Chris K said...

Uh oh, I just post how Bloggers can be too nice. But, I agree, Caroline totally rocks.

Sorry it took so long to comment here. I was at the gym doing core work.

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