Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Four" - Miles Davis [ Q & A ]

Part 4
F o u r

oh. happy. day.

Aimee [Did I mention she'll be doing the IMAZ? Awesome] Asks: "Do you want Peanut to become a runner like you?"
[Made me think of this photo from a marathon back in January 2010]

I'd love that! B u t I'm thinking she wouldn't. In all honesty, I'd rather see her shine in volleyball. She's loving it and is getting better each day!

Ironman By Thirty Asks: "How/why did you come up with this writing/blogging style? I love it because it is different than any other blog I read."

Ya, know I tried writing like a real grow'd up person . . .and . . .it just didn't work out. Came out all wiggity-whack. Did I mention my sister . . .

. . . is an English major [ummmm PhD, yep, seriously] ..... ya, I'm super competitive but . . . . . I just can't compete with that.

ltlindian Asks: "I know pita is your hubby but in my neck of the woods pita is an acronym for 'pain in the a$$'. Is that where you got that nickname? :) lol"

Ummm. you. nailed. it! Funny fact - he actually came up with it for himself!! No. Joke.

"How tall are you?"

With my heels 6'1"-6'2"

Without [sad face] 5'9.7444"

"Other than gotein, gummy bears and sushi what is your favorite food?" [does she KNOW me or what! love that.]


carrot cake.
Bread pudding.
I'd eat 4 pounds of mashed potatoes daily, if I could.

April Asks: "Do you use any supplements?"

Let's lay it out:

Vit D
Flax Seed/fish oil
Joint support - Glucoseawhatever

"What's your favorite running accessory?"

Arm warmers. For. sure. my arm warmers.

Char Asked [BTW, have you ever read her comments, they are freaking hilarious]: "How do you get abs like that?"

I don't see what you see Char. So funny. Denise Austin [now on youtube]. She always said [in the video {VHS} I had], "If you sit there slouched you'll have no where else to go but out. Tighten those abs!"

ChrisK Old Fart Asks: "I have just one. Do you sometimes feel horrible for calling me an Old Fart?"

ummmm. I think I just answered that above. NoFreakingWay. I will say . . . you look less old when you are wearing this:

ok - that's all for today.

Off to a big sale [work. work. work.]

Happy FreakingHumpDay!

Q U E S T I O N :

**What the best "perk" from YOUR job?**


Matty O said...

reading blogs all day ;)

Christi said...

My best perk is business trips to San Antonio and San Diego!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I love reading all your answers!

The biggest perk of my job is the freedom it allows me. I co-own a business with my brother, and being the boss allows me to take vacations when I need them, work from the road, and be grumpy all morning.

ltlindian said...

Job perks? For me it's the freedom to work when I want (within reason). If I need to leave early, no big deal. Free sunglasses/glasses are nice too! (too bad I didn't need prescription.....) No weekends. I can bring my kids with me if I need to. I'm the boss, who's going to tell me I can't?? :)

kimert said...

The only thing I did (besides laugh at a few answers) while reading this was hear you (or it could've been DA) tell me to tighten my abs...and so I did. Darn. I need an abs coach or something to sit on my shoulder and remind me. Thanks. ;)

juanitagf said...

Best perk of my job: being able to run in daylight all year long! Being my own boss. Choosing my own schedule. Choosing my own peeps. NO commute! LOVE being self employed.

Anonymous said...

Wow you are tall! I'm a measly 5'3"!

Anonymous said...

Oh I have a question!! (pick me! pick me!)

When are you going to do your first Ironman? I see you've been doing lots of spin, brick sessions, time in the pool. Those 3 disciplines make you a triathlete!


Anonymous said...

Your arm warmers do not match your outfit. And since you are not a dork, I am going to have to lower your ranking on my fashionista list. Sorry.

Zoƫ said...

Best perk is baby smiles and giggles from my little Goober monster. :)

coach dion said...

best perk is been able to aim at a 55 retirement age!!!

do you always burn your steaks? if you ever in Africa (Cape Town) maybe we can show you how to take the mooo out of a cow!!!

Mark said...

"Wiggity-whack" = awesome

Yeah, damn PhD'ers. Think they're all smart and stuff. Luckily I have my wife to tell me what an idiot I am most of the time.

Marlene said...

fun fun fun

Perk of my job: I can run/bike to work and not bother with a shower without (too many) complaints from my bosses & co-workers. They don't bat an eye when my bike is leaning on my desk or I forget my nasty gym bag in the washroom.

Fruit Fly said...

Aww, Denise Austin. She used to drive me nuts as a kid. Then I got older and groaned when I found myself buying her Pilates DVD. I totally yelled at her the whole time I pathetically tried to work my abs. She must know what she's talking about though!

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