Friday, August 5, 2011

Bake sale or Gargae sale? PEANUT!!!

So bake sale or garage sale..... Which one would you choose?

My mom said that when she had a garage sale, she had only recieved $20.
I bet I could get more. I mean who could deny this face?!?!?

I want to make money for Catalina Island, which is a trip that the 6th graders at my school take every year.

Exept, They didn't tell us it was $500-600!!!!!

I am so mad and I cannot lie.

I hate dislike these teachers.

And as if that isn't enough it's only TWO stinking DAYS LONG!!!!!

So what do you think? Which way do you think I could earn more money from?


Put your vote in already!!!!!

What are you waiting for?!!?!!!

Hurry up!!!!!

Wasting daylight here!



Becka said...

Garage sales suck. Everyone wants stuff for free. Most I ever made was $150, but I also sold a tv, couch, and refrigerator. But maybe you could sorta combine the two?

Jason said...

OMG forget the garage sale kid. You gotta haul all that garbage out there and then haul all that garbage back in when it doesn't sell. Now when you price something for $50 and they offer you a nickel are you ready to negotiate? That is what that is all about.

Now with a bake sale....nobody scoffs at dropping $10 for a cake. Plus you can throw icing at mom while you bake (she isn't reading this is she?)

But trust me on this P-Nut....scrap the whole idea of a garage sale now and go straight to the oven.

Mandi Runs said...

I will totally buy baked goods from you!! Especially if you cover them all in tummy bears!! :-)

ltlindian said...

Bake sale for sure!! Everyone loves goodies!

Marlene said...

That's so much money for a 2 day trip! Eek! Why choose one or the other? DO BOTH! (Sorry Emz)

Caroline said...

first off for that price the trip should be to CANADA!

Ok I am with Marlene...kind of..

I say if you do one do the baking for sure...!

after that one if you are still short...hello garage sale and getting up at 4:30 am to set everything up!!!

Caroline said...

Oh and my son wants to marry you..he is 5 and he loooooves guitar so that pics stole his heart.
I had to break to him that you are older...and not the little girl in the pic anymore....

Erica said...

I've seen people do blog versions of garage sales. They post pictures of the stuff they're selling and blog readers can "order" it. Only issue is shipping $$s, but that's worth a try! Plus you can still do the real garage or bake sale. Good luck, Peanut!

Unknown said...

both!! set up a garage sale and sell lemonade and cookies too! its genius!

Jan[et] Cicelia said...

Do the garage sale, but have a whole table of baked goods. Likely those will be what sell...

Unknown said...

I'm totally voting for a bake sale... no one can turn down cookies, brownies and cakes!

Emz said...

i love your son caroline! but im 6 yrs. older than him. :[

lindsay and James, I just had that idea!!! it's going to be awesome!

Nobody can turn down cakes or cookies.

Unknown said...

Combine them...and sell bottled water at either...people always pay hiked up prices for them. If you do a garage sale make sure to put up signs and forget a newspaper announcement, just do craigslist.

And have Emz put a donate button on the blog for you ;)

Anonymous said...

Definitely bake sale! Unless you have some high quality goods to sell at your garage sale. But I don't think your mom would appreciate you selling the couch, or the tv, or the dog.

Cute cupcakes from a cute kid - throw a lemonade stand in while you're at it you'll make a fortune!

RunToTheFinish said...

we easily make $300 doing a garage sale for just a couple days always made a lot too doing them

Anonymous said...

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