Monday, August 29, 2011

"Caution" - Bob Marley [ + Sporty Girl Jewelry Winner! ]


It's Monday.

Which means - - - the absurdly awesome weekend is over. Somehow, this weekend spent mostly "home" with the Pita & Peanut . . . . . was 44 times better that Vegas last weekend.


How did I get so lucky to get two anniversaries?!

Friday night's dinner deserves it's own post. seriously.

Took us 2:30 minutes to eat dinner. which. made. me. beyond. happy.

* * * * * * *

on to the winner!!

The winner of the SPJ custom necklace giveaway is:

MORGAN at Caution RedHead Running. [freaking love her. yes, be jealous, I met her in Boston in April!]
Congratulations Morgan!!

Email me at runemzrun at gmail.

you. rock. woman.

Now questions [the Pita and I may or may not have talked about these during our 2:30 dinner]:

1. What is the coolest way you've heard of someone proposing to their future wife?

2. Are camera's allowed at the table at a restaurant?

3. Should you sit beside your date or across from them?

HAPPY. freaking. Monday!


Matty O said...

Good questions.

Cutest way I have heard, a couple ran together all the time. Always pulled the runner trick and stashed the car keys in the gas tank of the car. After one of their runs on vacation somewhere he pulled the ring out of the gas tank and proposed to her after their run.

cameras are totally allowed everywhere.

Good question. Depends, we often sit across from each other so we can converse directly to each other. Typically we eat next to each other though (we must be weird).

misszippy said...

Morgan deserved this one--yay!

1. I have to think on this one and rattle my memory!

2. Yes

3. Whatever you want!

Anonymous said...

Lady J and I always sit next to each other when chairs are involved. If there is a booth it depends. For giant booths we always sit next to each other.

Finallyfit2011 said...

Congrats to Morgan!!! So jealous! :) Glad you had a great weekend EMZ!
1. MINE :) Proposed to on the very same beach in Maine where my parents MET! How cool is that!?
2. YES
3. Accross!

Kelly Leigh said...

1. I dunno about the coolest way but Nick proposed to me while walking my dog. This was after a rather intense night of me getting mad that he wasn't planning on proposing and me throwing shoes at him, packing up his bags, chucking them down the stairs and telling him to go back to England. I'm classy like that.
2.Cameras are allowed everywhere.
3.Across. Definitely.

Marlene said...

Love a long dinner like that!! And sit across, always across. And my camera is always invited to dinner. :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Cute proposal? No clue. I was proposed to in a chat room. not.kidding (how not romantic at all but just a sign of Hubbs and I always being in different states!...still but not for much longer!!!)

Cameras are allowed every where. How else can we embrass each other later?

Always across. With multiple kids we have to divid and conquer! We rarely go out without them. boo. hissss.

Caroline said...

camera: of course
sitting across!

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