Friday, August 19, 2011

"Crazy Train" - Ozzy Osbourne

It Friday!! YAY!

Which means . . . . . it is time for . . . . .


[ya, I just made it up --- never done FFF before]

But here we go.

Your job [should you choose to accept it]

Put these in order of awesomeness [how you think I WOULD rank these 5 things].

from pretty awesome - to holy freaking awesome.

1. Long Run - - - done.

2. Shoe score! $860 shoes for $53

3. The haboob that rolled in last night. [photo courtesy of my Bro-in-law "buff"]

4. The insanely thoughtful gift from RunningLauren yesterday. A belt buckle for my 24 hour [100 mile] treadmill run! [btw, Lauren . . .  Peanut had the nerve to ask if she could wear it to school today . . . . ummmmm, H-E double hockey sticks NO!]

5. That I will very soon be relaxing with one Tall Dark & insanely handsome 6'8" PITA --- here. [Yes, Dawn $44 on black - - - it's going black]

Soooooo --- order away.

Or [if that's just too much freaking work for a Friday . . . . . ]

JUST TELL ME ONE AWESOME THING ---- you are doing this weekend!!



Mandi Runs said...

They are all so freaking awesome, this was hard!

#4 - EMZ BELT BUCKLE (#4, of course you would!!)
#2 - Pretty Shoes!
#5 - Vegas w/PITA
#1 - Long run... with no pain of course ;-)
#3 - Haaaaboob!

Unknown said...

ahh the belt buckle rocks, and so does that run! I am making healthy bites this weekend, thats fun, right?

Runners Fuel said...

I'm running 11 miles in the am and getting a surprise weekend celebration (don't know what I'm doing) for my birthday. Fun stuff about to come!

Jan[et] Cicelia said...

hmmmmmm... This is hard!
#1 Belt buckle
#2 Vegas
#3 shoes
#4 long run
#5 Haboob

Monkey Boy is heading back to Germany tomorrow, so I'm going to log 10, write a paper, and then drown my sorrows at karaoke.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, one awesome thing I am doing this weekend. I know - waiting for your next blog post. Wait, that's just sad.

16 mile long run in the heat. That's going to be pretty awesome. I think...

Anonymous said...

How the HELL did you score like that on those shoes! Wow.. even though I'd never wear them they are HOT!(Nora...back from tri-living back my old self)

Anonymous said...

i'm having my first pool-par-tay in my new house! wOOt!

Vegas, huh? *AWESOME*


Unknown said...

Have fun!

#1 Shoes
#2 Vegas (to wear the shoes)
#3 Belt buckle
#4 Long Run
#5 Haboob

I'm thinking you should do Four For Friday. Right?

We're taking our kids to the Hollywood Bowl for the first time this weekend - yay!

Marlene said...

Awesome stuff all around! Have a great time in Vegas!!

Awesome for me - a long distance night race!

Finallyfit2011 said...

Ok #1 - belt buckle
#2 - Vegas w/ PITA
#3 - long run done
#4 - Shoes!
#5 - haboob

How did I do?
I'll also tell you a friggin' cool thing I did! Completed my longest distance to date of 6 miles at an 11 m/m pace :) :)

Anonymous said...

Well I'm a day (or 3)late and a dollar short for this one! Awesome weekend thing: Wooded/waterfront trail walk with a very bestest friend followed by wicked awesome dinner/beers.

1) Vegas w/Pita
2) Shoes (awesome, sexy shoes btw I love them)
3) Belt buckle
4) Long run
5) Haboob (hilarious)

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