Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Waking Up In Vegas" - Katy Perry

Vegas weekend . . . . by the numbers [and very few pictures]:

3 - nights in Vegas
1 - inches the Pita's head was from the roof in the airplane.

1 - slouchy Pita.

3 - the most nights I have ever spent in Vegas
0 - % chance we were going to walk outside [it was 108* there]
1 - car rented
1 - mobster / cop car rented

1 - happy Pita.
4 - times he said, "We need to get one of these. I fit in it!"
100 - % of times I walked up to a roulette table and told the Pita, "It's going black" & IT. DID!

50 - % I was right when OUR money was on the line. ;]
2 - in the morning ---- is when the fun starts in Vegas.
2 - girls we saw doing cartwheels in NYNY casino.
2 - boyfriends behind them laughing their butts off.
94 - other people also laughing their butts off when the girl ran into the wall after the cartwheel.
10 - the score I gave her for her facial entry into the wall.
1 - burger consumed at 3am.
0 - % chance that will ever happen again.
4 - time in the morning of our latest night out.

2 - days I spent paying for that 4am night out.
44 - times I said it was so worth it.
2 - runs done at hotel gym.
1 - awesomeness gift I received from the Pita.
1 - time I silently wondered if I could apply the gift price towards my Woodway treadmill.

1 - gym in hotel which were under construction meaning . . . . the gym was in the hallway that lead to the pool . . . . MAIN ACCESS POINT!! Which led to . . .
7 - people who said, "take a day off! You're in Vegas baby!"
7 - times I said, "well at least you still know where you are!" ;]
1 - iPods I brought with me for my workouts
0 - headphones I brought....ugggg
2 - runs done without TV/Music but a whole lot of CRAZY, crazy, CRAZY stories overheard.
160 - dollar roulette donation we left Vegas.
100 - % I KNOW it was worth every penny x 44.

Hey Vegas . . . . . . See you in December!!

Will you be in running in Vegas?

What's the craziest thing YOU'VE seen in Vegas?


Jen Feeny said...

Glad you had a great time!!! Welcome back!

Craziest thing I ever did in Vegas? Jumped in a fountain at Paris with all my clothes on at 3am to pose for pictures. I was wearing a white top. Those pictures are not allowed to be shown.

Jason said...

See you in December doing the Hammer Dance while Matty Beal actually wears the Hammer pants.

Fruit Fly said...

Love this post ... 'cause I freaking LOVE VEGAS!!! And I will totally be back there in December ready to run and own that beautiful Strip!!

Craziest thing in Vegas? I don't know if I ever notice 'cause I'm either sleeping or too busy being silly. I did see a good Michael Jackson dance off one night. Then there was the time I was nearly pole dancing on the monorail - you know, at like 2 in the afternoon or so. Those big drinks - they are just too good and fruity!

Unknown said...

I've only been to Vegas once, for a concert. Didn't spend the night. But we are considering going over Labor Day....and I think you might have tipped the scale. It sounds like a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

Oh Im jealous... sounds like you a freakin awesome time...

I wish I was going to Vegas in December. Think of me. Run for me. PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

How many times do I need to remind you the cool people will be in Sac-town that December weekend. Eh, let me rephrase that: the cool beer people will be in Sac-town.

Ok, that was my odd way of saying you are cool even though you'll be in Vegas.

Marlene said...

I have NEVER BEEN TO VEGAS! I need to go!

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