Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Who Gon Stop Me[them]" - Kanye West JAY Z

One more sleep until I get to see this girl at the airport.



This trip is going to be freaking awesome for at least 444 reasons but no worries . . . . I'll just share a few with you . . . .

1. Duh, I get to see Dawn [ya we'll probably still text each other - talking would just be weird.]

2. I get to meet Erin. Yes - THE Erin. The superwoman/mom Erin.  And she's bringing bread pudding.  HOLY.  YES!  Cannot wait to meet you Erin!!

3. These two above mentioned [SUPER] women will be PR-ing & BQ-ing. So this is going to be like the freaking awesomest day ever.

4. {ahhhhh Four 444444444} I get to drive/run Dawn nuts the whole freaking time. Heaven knows she doesn't NEED me to "pace" her but I'll keep pretending that's my job title. ;]

5. I get to finally meet Cari! I heart Cari. She was sooooo "there" for me during my 24 hour treadmill run.

She. Is. Such. an. Inspiration.

6. I get to see Haley! I met her once in July. For [no joke] like 4.4 minutes. She. freaking. rocks.

7. I get a sack of potatoes. Yes. Seriously. Each entrant gets a sack o' tots. Who does this? Ummmmm.....Pokey Peeps!

8. [drum roll please . . . . . ] I have never left the Pita & Peanut for a get-a-way / sleepover. Rephrase/explain: the Pita has always done all the going [London, Fishing, fishing, fishing, fis...] I'm a home girl. I like home. But this will be a freaking blast!
9. Hence - the Pita and Peanut will catch up on their much desired Daddy/Daughter Dates. Loved hearing them throw out ideas for the weekend . . . . "movies, pizza, sushi, ice cream PLUS we'll go to the store and buy all the crap food mom won't buy."

10. The Pita asked for "a list of things you want me to do while you are gone." Heck-freaking-ya . . .don't have to ask me twice. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Now . . . get er dun.

11. [there's a surprise] - - - sorry can't spill. Then there would not be a surprise Saturday.

12. My outfit [ubber important] is coming together nicely. It's my jailhouse/punk look.

So you'll want to stay tuned to BQTV [AKA Dawn & Erin Social Media] come Saturday morning.

Because. No. one. is. going. to. stop. these. two. ladies.

? ? ? ?

You racing this weekend? If yes, spill!

If no - - - Any Big LONG weekend plans?


Jason said...

Your arms come out of your stomach? I don't get this.....

Anyways yes I am racing. The Austin Triathlon on Monday. It's go time baby!

Go.Get.Em. Erin and Dawn!

Have a great run Emily b/c its Beantown Qualifying time in December....that's all I got. That's all I know.

HD said...

Yay for potatoes and getting to see you again!!! I'm going to be bringing extra climbing stuff up there for you just in case I can get you out climbing with me :) Hope you have a great race though!!!! See you soon!

Alyssa said...

your weekend is going to be amazing. :) have fun. :)

Laurie said...

You girls are going to have so much fun! I have those sleeves and love, love, love them. :)

Running the Eugene Women's Half on Sunday... not really excited about it, but we'll see.

Run fast, run strong, run happy!!

Finallyfit2011 said...

Have a blast this weekend girls!!! I love your arm sleeves EMZ. ? on that. Gonna sound like a real silly one. But, what parts of your arms hurt when ur running? Lately on my longer runs, I feel a little pain in my right shoulder? Is that normal, weird what? Do the compression sleeves help that?

Anyhoo. Got my long run planned for Sat. a.m. w/ 2 fellow runners yay!!!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

You are going to have a great weekend!!! Enjoy!!

racing dawn said...


racing dawn said...


racing dawn said...


racing dawn said...


racing dawn said...


racing dawn said...

Who knew Pokey would be a girls getaway weekend destination?!?

Alisa said...

Gonna get sappy here: I think all my daddy/daughter dates have made me the strong, independent woman I am today. Yes, my mom had plenty of influence, but I think having all that time with my dad really cemented my independence streak. Which is awesome, I don't need a man who runs my life! *Sap is over*

Anonymous said...

The carp food is SO on! I am going to buy some so I can celebrate your absence from afar.

Other than that, have a great time!

Oh dammit - I said "carp" instead of "crap"

Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads...

Austin said...

Lots of runnin in the rain for us on the Gulf Coast...
have a blast out there!!!

Unknown said...

Your weekend sounds great! Good luck to all of you!

I Love the Daddy/Daughter dates in our house. I even love more when I see them walking places holding hands. Melts. My. Heart.

I'm racing this weekend in my first 1/2! Yippeee!!!

Marlene said...

he actually ASKED for a list of things to do? Why won't mind do that?? ;)

HAVE FUN and good luck to the girls!!!

Mandi Runs said...

Love the arm warmers. I want to show my abs to the world for my next race... So hot!!

See ya later, I am off to do P90x ABS so I can be sexy too!!!

Mandi Runs said...

BTW... have you worn those shoes? They look brand new! :-D

adena said...

sooo???!!! details girl, details.

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