Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Blow" - Ke$ha

I enjoy sticking things up my nose about as much as I enjoy running outside.


My days have been filled with nasal enemas the last three days [ya, thanks for coining that phrase I can't stop calling them that].

I've found my family is less than impressed with my use of it. every two hours. Everything from, "awwwww mom", "gross", "ummmm seriously", "a little heads up would be nice" ........... whatever - you are the one who decided to barge in the bathroom, I didn't call you in here.

In other not nearly as exciting as my nose news:

It's only 59 days until RNR Vegas!! I / we cannot wait. Ya, the Pita he's not missing this one. ;)

Jason & I have big plans to break out our finest "hammer" pants and mad dancing skills at the finish-line!

GO team TEXAS!!

Then. well. we have a sign that just made me happy.

The All Blacks have been winning [duh, right?!].

But that makes my house a happy - happy place to be. [Dang Dan Carter pulling a groin didn't go down well though.]

I'm quite certain it was from all his pant dropping undies ads.

This week is a high mileage week..............which I'm loving even with the snot fest.
44 miles so far this week. rest day tomorrow. loving it.

LOVED spending the weekend with my Peanut & Pita in Payson.

[holy letter P-fest]. Speaking of P-fest. Okay, okay.....I'll filter that story out.

Found this in my pocket last week. Which mildly freaked me out. It's from one of my favorite bloggers . . . was in a "king's cake" she sent me.

Peanut is wanting a brother or sister ---- like 4 yesterday's ago.

Well, that's all I've got for now.

to. . . .

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo - only 59 days until California International Marathon!


MCM Mama said...

Poor nose!

I just want to know when you've bought your ticket for DC...

Jason said...

OK, so at 4am this morning I was on the trainer in my garage with Karen's iPod blaring and I started singing....actually woke her and the dog up (my garage is detached) and was thinking about the pre-race dance, the during race dance, the lead up to the finish line dance and the post race dance.

Yup we are going to boogy ugy woogy until we can't boogy ugy woogy no more!

Laurie said...

I think I need to start watching more rugby... either that or start checking out more Jockey adds. Very nice. ;)

Hope your nose dries up soon.

Matthew Smith said...

I'm lovin' the Hammer pants! Nice work on the mileage.

Marlene said...

Vegas better look out with you & Jason on the way! Wish I could be there.

FEEL BETTER SOON! Those neti pot things give me major heebie jeebies.

Molly said...

did you know that I just got the hugest high seeing your 18 mile treadmill photo??? I did 18 on the mill this weekend too! Maybe I was channelling you....... : )

KovasP said...

My kids loved when I used the NEti Pot - couldn't wait for the next go-around!

Finallyfit2011 said...

Awww man! I hope you get to feeling better real soon! I admire that you continue to run even tho! Wow! I'd be sad-sacking it on the couch :) YOu & I are POLAR opposites when it comes to running preferences. I whined like a baby when I had to haul it to the gym Tuesday night cuz of the lightening :\ ha ha different strokes for different folks right? Rock on!

Coy Martinez said...

I use to live / work in France and then king cake was a big deal. I would cheat to try and win the baby so I could wear the paper crown. Lame but true. I have the spirit of winning!

Fruit Fly said...

My stomach just jumped in my throat at the 59 days. I mean I guess I should have done the math since I totally just blogged about Vegas today and bought show tickets. But still ... 59 days?? Really? I have got to get my ass in gear if I want to PR!

I forgot all of my other comments now because my nerves just at them up.

Anonymous said...

feel better chica! xo

Amanda@runninghood said...

Been awhile since I've been here...:( just been so busy but great to be back. Your post made me laugh and I have to say the hot guy undies add was nice to see. I really should try this nose rinse thing with my daughter...she has been stuffed up and has had a runny nose all week. That little man in your pocket would freak me out too. :)

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

those babys in the king cakes are sooo freaky looking! hope you feel better soon... nasal enema ahahha that is funny stuff

racing dawn said...

The running man is my 'go-to' move. It is a classic. ;)

Hope that neti pot is back on the shelf this week. Gotta kick this cold lady.

And All Blacks keep pullin through. Yay!!

Johann said...

I think I probably feel about the treadmill like you feel about running outside. Although you still race outside and I've never run on a treadmill. :) I really hope the All Blacks win the cup. Keep it going!

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