Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Outside" - George Michael

Okay, first and foremost. I wore boots last week. Yes, boots.
[and I swear I had just cleaned this mirror, weird]
It was 78 degrees for one day and I was all over it.

Unfortunately, my coach knew it was 78 degrees for like 14 hours and asked, "Why aren't you running outside?" I gave him 84 reasons why then today..........

I sucked it up . . . . opened my front door. . . . . then, I shut it. But then I opened it again . . .

And . . .

For the first time since December 2010 . . . .


Ya, you read that right.

o u t s i d e.


Yes, it was a nice 70 degrees outside at 6:15am.

Everything else......UGGGG.

How do you guys do it?

Here's just a snippet of the non-fun I numbers.

9 - Recovery Run miles I slowly slogged

1 - number of times I was seriously close to getting hit by a car. The man was sooooooooooo focused on getting right into that McD's breakfast sandwich he picked up all 4.4 seconds earlier.

2 - number of times I was asked by high school cross guards "how many miles are you running?" [two different cross guards]

3 - Neighbors who saw me and tried to hold a conversation out their window. Joe, you were by far the most entertaining. Do you guys wear shirts that say, "in training" or "no time to talk" ? Just curious.

2 - honks received from landscaper guys.

2 - middle fingers each landscaper guy was shown after above mentioned honk. [why do guys think women like this? I'll never understand.]

1 - random dog that ran out / off it's front yard after me.

1 - dog owner who yelled at me, "Stop! He just wants to smell you." I turn back like you're freaking joking [but didn't say a word]. Then she says [no joke], "Stop or he'll keep running after you." I stop. He gets his sniff on. And this lady knows her crap - - - -he runs back towards her.

0 - percent chance I'll be running outside tomorrow.

And you guys ask me how I can handle running on a treadmill?!?!

I got back to see a text from Mr PRR himself:

"Outdoor run? OMG!! You okay? Is the power out at home? My thoughts & prayers are with you!"

Can someone please tell me:

1. How you avoid talking to everyone you know without being rude
2. Avoid crazy dogs
3. Avoid getting run over [no, I was not running with music/iPod]

Would greatly appreciate your input.


Anonymous said...

1) Everyone I see that I know while I'm running is doing the same as me (training). They get a smile, a wave and I keep truckin'. I see these people every day normally - we don't need to talk. Also, an ipod helps in keeping to yourself.

2) Um no dogs on my run. I purposefully stay away from dogs that aren't on leashes. Although I do have to dodge a lot of walkers/mums with prams which is annoying. KEEP LEFT PEOPLE!

3) I run against the flow of traffic if I'm on the road...and I run like I ride. I assume everyone is out to get me so I check and double check if I'm going to move off the line I'm on and I've even been known to hand signal before I move :)

I can't run outside at the moment because my foot is injured...its TM for me :(

Caroline said...

ok first didnt it went by faster?

1. I avoid takling by wearing hat and sunglasses and looking DOWN and IPOD

2. Crazy dogs...I want to know the answer..I dont know that is a problem

3. I run on a trail. no cars.

you need to move here and be my neighboor!

Ironman By Thirty said...

1. Never slow down. Just keep moving. I guess I never really see to many other people out than other runners.

2. Mace? For the owner, not the dog - it would be cruel to use it on the dog :). Seriously, that woman is crazy. No excuse for that.

3. I'm a pretty aggressive runner when it comes to cars. I don't take shit from them. My biggest bet peeve is people who stop on the sidewalk. I make them wait for me and run in front of their car. Overall though, traffic around here isn't terrible.

Unknown said...

Um... you should have just kept running and let that lady come and get her damn dog. Not your problem.

run against traffic and keep an eye on your six!

I don't generally see people I know on my runs.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

I LOVE being outside so running outside is my absolute favorite... especially in the fall! :)

I still haven't figured out how to deal with dogs... i HATE dogs!!

as recapped by my 18 mile long run post lol...

Anonymous said...

People tried to talk to you? I never have that happen, unless I'm stopped at a light or something.

AND WHY DO GUYS HAVE TO HONK/WHOOP? Seriously, some guy cat-called me on Saturday WITH A WOMAN IN THE CAR WITH HIM. If I could carry a tranquilizer gun with me I would.

Anonymous said...

People tried to talk to you? I never have that happen, unless I'm stopped at a light or something.

AND WHY DO GUYS HAVE TO HONK/WHOOP? Seriously, some guy cat-called me on Saturday WITH A WOMAN IN THE CAR WITH HIM. If I could carry a tranquilizer gun with me I would.

adena said...

wear headphones, even if your iPod isn't on.. when people see you and yell at you or try to talk, wave and point to the headphones.. no talking required.

Can't help you on the dog front, I usually stop to say hello anyway.

I run on the road most of the time but keep my eyes peeled for people not paying attention. I have been known to jump into a ditch when I'm not sure. Better safe than sorry.

I love running outside but only when the weather is cool. Prefer to run on a path by the lake, much prettier and loads of hot guys to keep my eyes occupied.. ya know? ;-)


Unknown said...

oh happy day!! a run outside, what did you do with all that road?? wow!
hope you got your years worth of Vitamin D too!

Marlene said...

You did WHAT!?

People can be idiots and I have close calls with cars more often than I'd like. Wish I knew the answer...

Anonymous said...

Go at 5 a.m. Quiet/no people/ etc. etc. Perfect!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Stopping to chat? I don't stop to talk to anyone except my minister and (maybe) my mom.

Dogs? It's all about knowing your route and being willing to get tough if necessary. This might include calling authority's to report a neighbor who doesn't control their pet.

Don't get hit? I'm lucky and live in no-wheres-ville in PA so a farm tractor is about as exciting as it usually gets.

Kerrie said...

1) I never see anyone I know when I'm out running -- unless they are there to run with me. Too cold/rainy/dark in the morning in Seattle maybe?
2) I've never come across crazy dogs, but I have come across one buck, a doe, a coyote and lots of rabbits.
3) Head on a swivel at all crossings.

OMG. The dog thing had me cracking up. What a nut!

Matthew Smith said...

Way to go on running outside! That must have taken some real guts! :)

That dog is ridiculous. Doesn't it know that you're working out and can't stop to let it sniff? It's kinda funny though.

I'm with Kevin about the cars. Runners should ALWAYS have the right of way in my book!

Anonymous said...

Look at you getting some Vitamin D!

BigHappyFamily said...

Glad you experimented with the whole run outside phenomena ....
I avoid conversation by giving the eye contact/quick wave then turning and looking back in front of me. It's a rare person that doesn't "get it" at that point.
Hate dogs. Had one jump at me, and the owner says (to the dog?), "don't bother with runners, no meat on her anyway."

A Prelude To... said...

I can't believe it's been that long since you ran outside!

The dog thing was funny. I'm sure it wasn't funny when the dog first charged. I hate that feeling of not knowing whether it's a nice dog or if it's on attack! Too funny you had to actually stop and let it go through it's routine before you could continue your run :D

Johann said...

This makes running so much fun and interesting. I don't know how you don't die of boredom on the treadmill. I'm so comfortable outside I sometimes sniff the dogs. There is a race in my future(some years from now) where I might call on you for support...outside...

Mandi Runs said...

Trails! Friends. Trails.

Everyone on a trail has a purpose. :)

Andrew @ One Step Further said...

People, what are people when you are out running. I guess you have to run when people are awake in order to have them talk to you.

I just keep running when encountering dogs. I find they lose interest pretty quickly.

I always run facing the traffic, that way I can see em coming.

I haven't been hit yet, but I have had more close calls than I want to think about.

I wish some ladies would toss some cat calls my way while out running would make my run.

Fruit Fly said...

*This is totally related to running .. or not ..* Whenever I drive by our local McDonalds I always look and see EVERYBODY shoving food in their face as soon as they are out of the drive through. Fortunately for my safety, I don't run by McDonalds -- too many stoplights for my taste.

Men that honk gross me out. They are never hot guys you would want honking at you either.

Molly said...

one time a dog jumped up, and onto me while I was running, and his owner was right there, and let him do it! wtf??

RunToTheFinish said...

damyyyum you didn't wear boots you wore BOOTS!

Ahh the outdoor running, look at all the fun things you miss on the mill..dodging cars is good for your reflexes, middle fingers are for reminding you to keep your cool :)

Regina said...

1) I live in NYC, we don't speak to one another.
2) Leash law.
3) Run in the park or along the Hudson (no cars). Take the commuter train outside the city to run peaceful, quiet trails (so worth it).

Unknown said...

Hilarious post!! Running outside definitely provides much excitement. Running on the 'mill is far more simplistic in terms or extraneous distractors, which is why I have one and love it! (I think we might be the only 2 people that ADORE our TMs!) Running outside does have its perks -- you actually get to MOVE instead of being stationary, you get to enjoy beautiful weather and sunshine, and that's about it for me. :)

Caratunk Girl said...

First, I can't believe you wore boots when it was 78 degrees!! That is flip flop weather in Maine. :)

Now, to answer your questions:
1) I used to try to be nice when people asked me things like "Hey, whatcha doing?" "How far you running?" or stop to chit chat. I used to swallow my snarky replies - it is my biggest pet peeve and usually happens to me when it is negative 10 out. SO ANNOYING. Now... I am not so nice, and a little snarky - AND I just keep running. And if they stop, I keep running and say, "I am running!" And I keep running away. I also try to look very focused and put on a "leave me alone" vibe.
All of this rarely works, so I started running in the woods instead.
2) pepper spray.
3) I live in a town of 60 people.

RunCupcake said...

Okay first, you OBVIOUSLY live in a warm climate because 78 degrees is way too hot for boots in the Northeast LOL - The high today is 67 and I'm still wearing sandals.

Since I live in RI - Most people ARE rude and don't want to talk. I'll wave or say hello but keep on trucking otherwise.

I've only been chased by a dog once, I yelled at it and said "Go home doggy" and it listened. I don't know if I'll always be that lucky LOL

Avoiding getting run over is the hard one - I try to stick to roads with wide shoulders and roads that don't have a lot of businesses on them.