Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Heartbeat" - The Fray

okay, so it's been a while.

So I thought I'd bore you with a few photos I've been storing up on my phone, until I find the right words to actually write a decent post.

A few are from Turkey Day [my favorite day of the year] and a few are just random photos that make me happy.

Like this photo Peanut took [when I thought she was reading] of me, doing dishes.

I love the photos she takes.

Peanut spent T-day Eve at my parent's place with her cousin. Where.......... thanks to "pinterest" we were each lucky enough to receive one of these:

They had also made this:

which I freaking loved.

And since I had started my day off with a Turkey Day 20 . . .

I was sooooooooo ready for this stuffyourfacefest2011.

As always, my famous cookbook writing mom, put together an amazing feast.

So good, the Pita had to sleep for two hours and I got to go on a LONG walk with my brother-in-law "Buff". [ya, freaking loved that]

We made it home just in time for this awesome sunset.

And even though the Pita doesn't see it.....I see my car in the clouds.

I. am. thankful.

freaking. thankful.

for a daughter that invited me to run club on Monday [but not so much today].
for a brother-in-law, I love to talk to.
for a mom, that's a freaking rock star.
for a loving Heavenly Father who knows what I can handle.
for bloggers who's friendships are unlike any other.
for friends with unlimited texting.
for a Dad that calls me "sweetie".
for laid-back, loving in-laws.
for a Pita who knows me this well . . .

Roxette. Love. Roxette.

Happy Wednesday.

See you in Vegas!!?!


Unknown said...


I'd probably text Peanut more but still I HAVE UNLIMITED TEXTING.

a runner said...

You wash dishes? Wow... I don't :P

But I also don't run 20 miles on the treadmill.

I need to face are just way awesomer than me.

Vegas...we will meet :)

Danielle C said...

Freaking awesome!

Marlene said...

Nice to hear from you. :) Love the photos.

VEGAS BABY! Kill it!

Matthew Smith said...

Peanut sure know how to take some cool shots. That "doing dishes" shot was great. I love to read people's "give thanks" lists. They are way better than complaint lists. I'm glad you had a good T-day. Great job on that huge run too! I told my wife you run that far on a treadmill, and she couldn't believe it. We'd barely last a 5k on a dreadmill!

misszippy said...

Great pics. You will kill Vegas! Have an awesome time meeting everyone--color me green!

RunCupcake said...

In YOUR words.

I. Freakin. Love. This.

Cotter Crunch said...

please hug everyone for me in vegas. A big MAORI hug! k?

peanut is a fantastic photographer

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Can't wait to see you! Peanut's views are always fun to see on the blog!! <3 her!

Karine said...

Not only do I see the car in the clouds, I also see English Trifle in Peanut's photography. Don't remember you bringing any of that over for our sampling!!!!!


Caroline said...

I like your opening
it's been a while...
hmmm understatement of the decade
its been an ETERNITY

VEGAS...I want to cry.
I cannot believe you will be 3 hrs away...and Marjorie and Jess and so many others....this sucks

but I am happy for you and you better send updates on the twitter or email or something

and less days between post please
thank you
your loyal Canadian fan of the Duke follower

Caratunk Girl said...

I have MISSED your posts!!

Love those photos!! And the little owl treats Peanut made.

What is Pinterest???

Good luck in Vegas!!!

adena said...

There you are!! I missed ya (even though I'm always late reading).

You could totally text me!!!! I have an iphone, we could iMessage country to country over important things like Costco and bags of milk and beer stores. ;-)

Anonymous said...

i'm so jealous you're doing Vegas. it's such a fun race, just can't make it this year.

tell lil miss peanut hi for me. she's a blessing.


YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Fruit Fly said...


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