Monday, December 12, 2011

"Run The World" - Beyonce

Who run the world? Girls
Who run the world? Girls
Who run the world? Girls
Who run the world? MY Girl.

Yesterday, Peanut & I had the chance to do something we had never done before . . . .


The ATHLETA IronGirl 10k In Scottsdale, AZ.

It. was. awesome.

I made sure we had our WonderWomen skirts & our freaking awesome matching Punk Rock Racing T-shirts!

Peanut had never run more than a 5k - so that plus 44 other reasons = one very nervous Peanut. [I loved the questions.]

Mom, what if I need to pee?
Mom, will there be water?
Mom, what do I eat for breakfast?
Mom, what if I get cramps?
Mom, will you stay with me no matter what?
Mom, will people cheer for me?

Race morning she was a ball of nerves.

She managed to give out a few smiles pre-race:

[looking rather unimpressed]

Peanut: so as long as my "chip" crosses the finish line before yours . . . I beat you?
Emz: yes, kiddo.

5 minutes to start . . . .

And we are off!

Wait ummmmm, not so fast.

Peanut. has. a. cramp. [at mile 0.3] She felt bad.

Sorry we are walking mom.
Sorry you can't run fast mom.
Sorry that we are slow.

[I take her arm, [lovingly] grab her by her face ;) and say, "girl friend, this morning is about fun. It's about me and you enjoying a morning together, outside & completeling something you've never done before together. The only thing I insist we have a FREAKING blast!"


as you can see from the photos

we. freaking. did.

We took photos at every mile marker and sign we could see.

This one was my personal favorite [she still doesn't know I took this].

She'd grab my hand when no one was looking. [made. my. year.]

Mile. three.

Got a chance to chat with my Peanut about a few [real life] things from mile 3-5. Heck ya, she was stuck with me - I chatted her ear off. Awesome.

At mile 5 we started planning our finish line dance. Yep, dance.

Should have taken a video but the pictures ---- uhhhh, probably show too much as it is.

Let me just say, if the skirts weren't loud enough ----- our dancing was.

It was a wicked mix of the sprinkler, robot, running man & what ever I was doing.

Here's the freak show:

It was a sight to see.

Loved. every. minute.
BOLT. Arms.
We went to Panda Express for her recovery meal, showered & she went right into recovery mode. Like a pro.

And did you see our new 2011 Christmas Ornaments?!

Awwwwww yaaaaaaa!

[bedtime tuck-in]
Emz: Peanut, do you want to be a runner now?
Peanut: [and I quote] not a freaking chance mom, but I had fun today.

Happy. Emz.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I am sooo crying right now! I can't wait to do this with my daughters!! So fun and inspiring.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

This was so awesome! Congrats to you both!

juanitagf said...

FREAKING. AWESOME. You have made a life Tim of memories that you will cherish and Peanut will share with her kids.

Laurie said...

Absolutely loved every word and every picture. What a great memory for you two. Awesome, simply awesome.

And.... way to go Peanut, a 10K?! Aaaahhhmazing!!!!

MCM Mama said...

I'm so jealous. You have a daughter. Your daughter runs with you. You look freakin' amazing in that skirt.

Yeah, I'm a little green. ;o)

Congrats, Peanut! WTG!

Becka said...

I love it! And you both looked great :)

Racing isn't always about racing :)

Anonymous said...

Beyond loving this.

I so hope my kid and I can do this one day.

You're the best mom ever.

Kayla said...

LOVE THIS. You guys rock! Way to go Peanut!

Aimswa said...

Moments you will have forever. AWESOME.

racing dawn said...

Best Post Ever.

You both are amazing!!!

And I LOVE all the pictures!!!! Especially the shadows!!! Tears.

So happy you both had fun. And I'm betting there's another race or two in peanut's future. :)

H Love said...

I would have to agree with Dawn. Best post ever. Love the pictures. Just precious!!

a runner said...

So awesome! It looks like you two did have a blast :)

Anonymous said...

How stinkin cute are you two! Love you both! I am afraid Anna would agree with her!

Andrea said...

aww that is precious. Just ran my first 5K with my 6 yr old daughter this weekend too. She finished but it was clear that she has mommy's sprinter genes. But I was soo proud that she finished and she said she had fun. So she wasn't ruined to running. Whew! *Brow wipe* Hope she will hold my hand as long as yours. BTW you can win another entry to the Athleta Iron Girl at the #womensrunning chat at 6 pm this Thurs Dec 15th.

Andrew Opala said...


Anonymous said...

What an awesome race experience.

" as long as my "chip" crosses the finish line before yours . . . I beat you?" = Priceless!!!

Unknown said...

What an awesome race! I love that mom's get a chance to run races with their kids. My son and I have run at least 1 half marathon together for the past 3 years. I can only get him to do one a year, but it's always my favorite race of the year! I love every minute of it as we talk and talk throughout the entire race! Love your dancing at the finish line!

Unknown said...

GREAT post! Awww I loved it so much. thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

What a fantastic race! Your relationship with Peanut is amazing, she's such a lucky kid. I love her bedtime line the most. Congrats on the day and the memories.

Matthew Smith said...

This might have been your best post! I loved all the pictures and the journey I got to take with you girls. Nice work! You guys looked like you had so much fun. I cracked up at the end where Peanut said, "No freaking way, mom!" That's funny.

Silly Girl Running said...

Oh yeah! Crying my eye balls out over one of your posts...AGAIN!!! :) Love the grabbing your hand part! :)

Marlene said...

I was JUST telling hubs on the weekend that one year we should decorate our tree with nothing but medals.

We're gonna need a bigger tree! :)

SOOOOOO love this. I am beaming reading it and looking at the photos. GO PEANUT! Super proud of you! What a joy to experience that together.

Neon Blonde Runner said...

I just got a TEAR in my eye reading this post. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Fruit Fly said...

This is the cutest post EVER!!! It gave me goose bumps on my legs even. I need to have a baby so I can make it dance across a finish line with me, too! ;)

Anonymous said...

totally freaking beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!

Nicole @ Haute Running Mama said...

This post made me cry. Love the shadow pic and i L.O.V.E the pic of you two crossing the finish line. The look and smile she is giving you melts my heart. She DIT IT. And had her mama by her side. Priceless.

Cannot wait til my daughter is old enough. The Iron Girl event is one of my faves!!

Susan DeBruin said...

What a beautiful moment!! I am so jealous right now - I want a daughter to run with!!!

misszippy said...

The best. Plain and simple! I love the final line...

BigHappyFamily said...

That's awesome. Love that peanut. I have a 9 yo girl who has run a few 5K's to date. I bet I could get her in a 10K if I would buy her a skirt.

Sara said...

THIS IS JUST FREAKING AWESOME! Best. Race. Of. The. Year. So cool!

I had tears welling up in my eyes as a I read this. I remember all the times I ran with my mom - as an adult, but with her, nonetheless. One of my favorite pictures is her and I crossing the finish line of her first 5K together. I KNOW this will be a memory your Peanut (and you!!) will treasure forever - even if there is no freaking way she wants to be a runner! ;)

Awesome. Thanks for making my day EMZ!

Jennie said...

How totally awesome!! What a great experience to share! Especially love the matching outfits and all the pics!

Anonymous said...

What a precious experience you and Peanut had and will always be able to look back with smiles in your hearts. This was just one awesome post and you are an awesome mom for being their so kind to your daughter:)

Anonymous said...

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