Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm so loving today.

You know, one of those days where you take a step back and it hits you . . .

I'm one freaking lucky girl. And I've had a huge smile on my face all day.

A few things I'm loving. . . .

* Hearing two 11 1/2 year old girls playing "slow motion death fight" in the family room.

* That my house is finally coming together . . .as we make offers on other houses. I love it, truly.

* This photo I found of me cracking my Dad's back.

* I love that Peanut's principle next year is my old P.E. [and early morning run club teacher] from when I was 11.

[photo of my brother and I .... pre his [run club teacher's] "get going" honk]

* I love that my Peanut is hugely emotional these days. She is saying some super awesome things I hope to use during her "roast" when she gets married.

* I love that I can't stop listening to "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera. what? shuddup.

* I love realizing that I am my best coach.

* I love this . . . .

[seriously, Dawn, why aren't we?]

* I love that this run this morning

went beyond awesome.

* The "thanks for all you do" text from the Pita.

* I love that I found a pair of True Religion jeans for $18 today. In my size.

* Having a quick bite with an old friend [who has gynormous boobs] and telling the big eyed guys that walked by . . . . "take a good hard look, they have no power over you, I swear."

* I loved going to parent / teacher conference and having the teacher start off by saying, "Your daughter is an absolute pleasure to have in class, not to mention, the least dramatic girl in class." ..... [not sure how that non-dramatic part happened if she's got my genes. ;] ]

* I love planning my menu for Super Bowl Sunday.

[soooooooo making these.]

* Loved making a Double Chocolate Bunt cake this morning pretty much just so I could act like I was Paula Deen while making it.

Happy. Thursday. My. Friends.


racing dawn said...

Why do we not live next door to each other?

Emz said...

Because it sold already. :( freaking clue.

Matthew Smith said...

You really are blessed, and the best part is that you recognize it! Nice run this morning! That's an awesome picture of you and your brother. I've got some good ones like that with my sister! It looks like the superbowl party to be at will be at your house!!!

Unknown said...

$18 True Religion Jeans!!!!!!! Where did you find those?! Score!!!

Anonymous said...

Chicken wing on top of cup cake???

Anonymous said...

love that your day was so full of it.

full of love, i mean ;)

Fríða said...

Great day :)

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