Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Moment of Clarity" - Jay Z

I remember learning about bees when I was little. (Not the ones that go with birds, just the bees. The bumbling kind.) I don't remember much (blocked it out since I was terrorized by the close-up shots of yellow and black fur, enormous eyes and blurry wings, hovering over some innocent flower...or child...) but I do remember that they are always busy, busy, busy.

I think Peanut was a bee in a previous life. She reads while she eats. She sings while she cleans. (Let me re-phrase that...she sings while she pretends to clean.) She's constantly stealing using my computer paper, more markers, more tape, more string, more pens, more anything that might be useful. And then she sits at the kitchen counter and gets to work. (She swings her while she works.)

The topic of my birthday came up. Which always means, I get to hear what she wants for her next birthday, mingled with a barely audible, “momyeaIforgottogetyouapresent". She spent the next hour in her room singing, fumbling with papers and running in and out for more supplies.

Later, she emerged in the hallway, eyes lit up with pride. In her hands laid a few papers wrapped in tissue paper. On the cover, “Mom you freaking rock”.

I looked in her room. Piles of who knows what. A few drawing that didn't make the cut . . .covered the floor.

I smiled.

"Mom, don't worry, I'll clean it up.", she said.
Not even close to what I was thinking.

What I was thinking . . . . I am blessed. My kid rocks.

And . . . .Ohhhhhhhh, this is what my mom meant when she said “I just want a card for my birthday” . . . this time I actually believe her. The Pita would be more than happy to take her out “shopping” for my gift. But I’m guessing this is a gift I’ll actually remember getting . . . Like next year & the year after that.

I’ve got everything I need. Love. Encouragement. Appreciation.

And understanding . . . . . well unless I do something SUPER silly like this on my birthday:

And that’s freaking huge.

Best. birthday. ever.


Anonymous said...

Peanut is the best. I hope you continue to have an amazing birthday!!!

PS - I'll be thrilled if I look half as good at 35 ;)

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Happy Birthday! Peanut and you will always have a wonderful bond!

Jason said...

You have a great family. Happy Birthday to you.

Caroline said...

I love it!
I have a January bday also. I used to think it stinks to have an early Jan Bday..people are done with the Holidays nobody wants another celebration so soon, always felt like it was a burden...ahhh Caro's bday...on the 26th of December I would get (and still get from my mom of all people) "now...what do you want for your birthday?" Now I am older and much wiser...and I know I need nothing..So I say nothing. A handwritten card would make me happy though! Keep that in a nice box. Happy happy birthday my friend! 35 miles....! Have a piece of cake ok?

Anonymous said...

You all should just change your last name to "thewerockfamily"

Mandi Runs said...

Love it!! She is so sweet, you are a blessed woman. Happy FREAKING Birthday!

misszippy said...

Awesome daughter means awesome mom and dad.

Happy freakin birthday!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is so amazing, it warms my heart

Marlene said...

Did you run 35 miles?! Holy mother. I hope you ate a lot of cake. Happy Birthday!!

Gracie said...

Happy bday!

Laurie said...

Your family is amazing. 35 is awesome. Just think, you're one year closer to 40 and that is awesome because it starts with a 4 right?! Seriously, happy freakin' birthday. I hope you had 4 pieces of cake after a run like that. :)

Susan DeBruin said...

What a sweet young lady you have!!! Happy Birthday :)

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