Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"The Race" [that wasn't one - IMS AZ Marathon] - Wiz Khalifa

race . . . .

Ya, it wasn't "it".
[Thanks Albert]

Which was good & bad.

The good part is . . .

I didn't find out at mile 16, 20 or 22 it wasn't my race.
. . . I knew, 3 weeks prior, it wasn't going to be MY race.


I knew I'd get to meet the one and only Miss Zippy. Her blog was one of the very first running blogs I ever followed . . . best. find. EVER.


That I'd get Racing Dawn here to stay with me for four days [which should have been 5 but whatever] ;)

The Bad . . .

Well, mostly that I was not, even remotely, feeling close to 100%


that I want this freaking "BQ like a man" thing pretty freaking bad. I know I was "there" in my training in October/November [insert a huge . . . . uggggg]

And oh this other little thing . . . . .

that I'm slightly FREAKING competitive [with myself].


just so I didn't wake up race day morning and TRY to race it . . . .

I. did. this.

Most normal people destroy the backing off their race bib, right?!

So here we are race morning:


And not quite as normal:
We did bump in to SR, staying warm in Basha's [smart girl]. Who kinda killed this course. Congrats SR!

The weather was fabulous. Like the most perfect of all perfects.

Some mid run photos:
Ya, thanks for this one Dawn. :/

After Dawn got her SUGAAA:

Shoulda been Twizzlers, just sayin'.

Here's the finish shot [thanks MOM!]

All. Smiles.

After the "after shot":

Not going to lie. . . . I teared up two times out on the course {anger/sadness} that this day wasn't my new PR day. [kinda doesn't help when you've told other runners (that you get to know from other races) that this was going to be THE DAY.]

But this was what was best for this day.

I am beyond grateful to have a best friend by my side for the whole ride.

And parents who will always be there racing or not. Always there to support me.

a l w a y s.

So while I'm not super sure "what's next" for me.

I do know . . .

1. This was one awesome weekend
2. I love this race/course
3. I will still get my 3:0x
4. I am one blessed woman
5. ............ And this Ragnar with My Cholla Chicks this weekend, will be one big huge tutu, hairy man, pickle juice drinking . . . party!


Matty O said...

first off you 3 women look like sisters, hilarious.

alright, I am totally missing something here... why didn't you race this? injury again? stop writing in crazy cryptic writing, US DUMB MEN CAN'T FOLLOW!

Have fun at Ragnar!!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Well, it looks like with the company of the fabulous RD, this race was a success :)

BQing like a man WILL happen for you EMZ. You are talented, but more importantly, you bust your ass! Cheers and have a shot-o-pickle juice!

Matthew Smith said...

It sounds like you really were doing one of the hardest runs you've ever done. :( But, at least you had awesome support from everyone! You can't ask for more than that.

Jenny said...

Great job!! I love your nail polish too. :)

DRog said...

very nice!
blogger meets
sunshine & smiles



Mandi Runs said...

Uggh so hard. That sucks big time. But hey, I bet you are going to PR on all your legs this week for Ragnar! Waaa-what!!

Unknown said...

Love the pics.

Anonymous said...

You truly never cease to amaze me Emz.. such passion, honesty. All of it!

Missy said...

I'm bummed I missed you out there. We were cheering at mile 24. Our friend was running and we wanted to see her finish. We must have just missed ya.
It was a glorious day for a marathon.
You'll get that BQ when the time is right!
I'm racing Ragnar this weekend too. Hope to see ya on the course.

Marlene said...

Definitely better to know/decide ahead of time, but still disappointing when you work and look toward something for so long. Your day will come!

Marlene said...

Definitely better to know/decide ahead of time, but still disappointing when you work and look toward something for so long. Your day will come!

misszippy said...

How am I just now seeing this post? So behind!

You looked fabulous out there and ran it w/ Dawn, so that counts for something. And you're still a stud of studs, so that counts for a LOT. That race is there for you, that's a given. I will be cheering loudly when you get it!

So great to meet you live and in person!!

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