Monday, March 26, 2012

"Easy" - The Commodores

Rarely do things come "easy". I know, duh.

However, thanks to Mrs. XLMIC . . . . things are about to get a whole lot easier.

And the "easy" button she sent me . . . .

easy [HA!] but - awesome.

Peanut did the honors for me . . .

Peanut: Mom, you done?
Me: yep!
Peanut: so I can I push it?
Me: heck ya!
Peanut: [pushes it]

Little man who lives inside the button says: "That was easy."

freaking. love. this. button.

XLMIC. you. rock.


XL said...

I giggle every time I hear his voice. And I can hear it in my head right I'm giggling :)

Glad you and Peanut like him :)

Marlene said...

HA! We have one of those "easy" buttons at work. It's good for lightening the mood in an intense meeting. :P

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Seriously.. every time I whine I think of you, and think I'm such a wuss.. So freakin amazing

misszippy said...

If that's all it takes to make 20-plus miles on a treadmill seem easy, I'm off to Staples! ; )

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

That's awesome. I want an easy button.

Johann said...

Love it! The button is great but that little man is the real hero.

Carolyn said...

You're an inspiration!

Genevieve Garner said...

Easy?! Easy!!!!???? Wow, girl. You push that button...a million times! I can't imagine logging your kind of mileage. Just amazing. Ama-za-zing!

Zaneta said...

haha!! I LOVE that!! :) I think everyone needs an easy button! ;)

Missy said...

I got to get to Staples. I need on for my bike, one to take to the pool, and one for the laundry room. :-)
Your crazy long runs, EVERYDAY, amaze me.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

2 of my favs!! You and XL! Is that button making its way to your next running partner?! ;)