Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Smile" - Avril Lavigne

So like most other days . . . . . .

Today I did this:
Which was supposed to be a recovery run [9 miles] but . . . . it was feeling great again today so I rolled with it. 15 miles at 7:29. Ummmm, that .77 was all cool-down walkin'.

Then I did some laundry and some actual money making work. My bank account looks a little happier.

Then I went to Costco. I know, zero shock-factor there.

It's always one of three people working the all important "show me your money card" door, every time I go. So, as the routine goes, I reached in my bag-o-tricks to get my cult pass card out . . . . and look up to see my favorite one of the three working the door.

Him: why hello again.
Me: hey! How are you? [reaching in bag, still]
Him: ya, you're good. We see you often. C'mon in!
Me: wooooo hoooo!
Him: you always have the biggest smile on your face. Why are you so happy?
Me: Well. it. IS. Costco.
Him: ya, ya but thanks for being so happy

I loved the timing of this interaction.
My sister had to give a talk on "happiness" this past Saturday in front of a large group. I couldn't make it due to Peanut's volleyball tournament but after visiting with my Mom yesterday, I asked her for an emailed copy.

A quote I loved:

"Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured."

She used an analogy that was awesome. She had given each person a small bag of cotton candy. Cotton candy makes her happy.

To some cotton candy = weight gain, rotten teeth & sugar high
To her cotton candy = happy [family] times
like at Suns games, the ball park, Disneyland, the State Fair, Chuck E Cheese [ya, she's awesome, I pay Peanut off so I don't have to go there.]

It's all a matter of perspective.

My perspective is not always rosy and shiny. Ask the Pita. Ask Peanut. Ask the girl who never blogs Dawn. But I am learning [and very quickly] that the trials I have been given in the last 6 weeks or so have all been much easier due to a better, happier, perspective.

. . . . Why not smile?

What made you smile today?


racing dawn said...

HP in full effect!!! Love it!

And what's up with you all callin me out in public like that?

This post made me smile. Now back to work.;)

Anonymous said...

I am horrible with being happiness and gratitude. My husband, however, is the complete opposite - the world could end tonight and he would shrug it off, whereas I would be FREAKING out.

What made me smile today? Husband and I are celebrating our anniversary. Talk about a smile plastered on this face alllll day long. :)

Unknown said...

Your blog made me smile! :)

I love it.

Running - even tho I only had time for a quick 2 miles - made me smile.

The old guy at the grocery store who insisted on helping me with my grocery bags made me smile and my family makes me smile.

Gracie said...

Your blog makes me happy! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reminder. Today was full of more frowns than smiles [iti was stressful at work]. I'll work on it tomorrow.

Matthew Smith said...

Loved it! I'm a huge fan of being happy! It's just a part of life, and I feel like it is a choice that I make every day. Today, wearing shorts for the first time this year made me happy. It's going to get up almost to 60 today, so i'm stoked!!!

Unknown said...

My husband, kids and my dog made me happy today and every day!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

There is one kid with autism at my school who LOVES windy days and it makes him smile and laugh-hence I smile and laugh.

SanJuanRunnerGirl said...

I am smiling today because my husband is THIS close to letting me get chickens. :)

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