Monday, April 30, 2012

"Good Feeling" - Flo Rida

By the numbers . . . . .


336 - number of miles run in April.

16 - miles run today.  15 of those at KMFB [use your secret decoder ring] pace.

16 - number of days I've [so far] loved my Woodway purchase.

25 - percent incline this treadmill goes.

4.4 - approx time in minutes I can actually stay at a 25% incline before dying.

0 - number of marathons upcoming on my 2012 calendar.


1 - desert tortoise we'll be "sitting" this week.

100 - percent chance I'm not adopting it [oh ya, Peanut is begging]

23 - number of days until Peanut's summer vacation starts.

1 - days the Pita will be fishing [yes, again] this week.

12 - hours I will spend at Peanut's volleyball tournament this Saturday.


92 - average temperature this week in Phoenix.

34 - amount, in dollars, I found my beloved Saucony progrid ride 3's for on sale today.

9 - pairs of jeans bought today TO SELL!

1,720 - amount in DOLLARS the above mentioned 9 pairs of jeans RETAILED for.

198 - amount in dollars that I PAID for above mentioned jeans.

1 - Happy Emz.

Hope your Monday was awesome!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Bullet & A Target" - Citizen Cope


was. a. freaking. blast.

Here's a few photos.

Set up:

My set up:



All. Sig. Smiles.

** Are you a gun fan? Gun hater? Gun indifferent? **

Happy Saturday!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

"Yep, Dat's Me" - Jamie Foxx feat Ludacris & Soulja Boy

So there's this neighbor.

I almost run him over 3-5 times a week [when I leave to take Peanut to school].

He's always walking a "no idea what breed" freaking huge dog. Like it probably weighs more than me [and I'm not small]. The sucker is gigantic.

I never really talked to him. 100% of the times I've seen him I've been in nasty sweaty clothes, looking like a wet rat.

Whenever I have talked to him it ALWAYS:
"Holy crap, I'm soooooooooo sorry."
"You'd think with that size dog I'd have seen ya."
"OMGosh, sorry, sorry, sorry."

To which he'd reply:

[silence + a smile]

So yesterday, I saw him at the grocery store. I was actually NOT in running clothes, weird. We went to pass eachother . . . I considered ramming him with my cart but figured he wouldn't recognize me. I smiled.

Him: Hi! Are you Emz?
Me: [thinking... Holy crap, he knows my name?] Yes. [made odd face]
Him: Well, I know because I see your license plate pretty up close most days.
Me: OMGosh, I am so sorry . . . I'm always in a hurry taking my daughter to school and I've usually just finished running and I........
Him: [cuts me off, ya, I talk fast & a lot . . . cutting me off is advised] is you?
Me: ummmmm, yes. [wondering where he's going with this.]

He went on to tell me how he had told his wife about his daily adventure to stay alive when near my home and joked about my license plate. She had seen me on TV during my 24 hour treadmill run.

He went on to tell me a quick story which = me in tears. I'm a freaking walking tear drop.

It kinda made my day.

Well, until he said, "Why the hell do you have a 10' guitar on your porch?"

Ya, it's still there. Trying to tick off the neighborhood "community watch" . . . .

YAY us!

So this weekend . . . .

I got my long run done today:

Because we are doing this tomorrow:

[Houston, there's a new "sig" in the house]

And thanks to Nana & Papa the Pita & I will be doing this afterwords:

holy. yum.


Weekend plans?
Ever ticked of the Community Watch People?
Ever run over a neighbor? ;)

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

"One Thing" - One Direction


You see, today . . . . .

Is this girl's birthday.

I'm HER biggest freaking fan.

Our friendship was only born on December 11, 2010.  crazy.

Ya, this photo was taken like 20 hours after I met her.

Anddddddd.... 19 hours after my mom invited her and her family [+6] to stay with them [did I mention it was just 20 minutes after meeting her?].

Anddddd....19.44 hours after I told her I'd name my second born after her we started planning her next marathon in Arizona.

Ya, JUST know when you find your soul sister.

Crazy. freaking. awesome.

Now, I am a "quotes" girl.
I beyond love a good quote.

I found this one almost one year ago:

Friendship isn't about whom you've known the longest.......
It's about who came, and NEVER left your side.


You amaze me daily.
d a i l y.

I am blessed to have you in my AND my families lives.

We. ALL. Adore. OUR. RD.
In fact [and I quote], "we should have flown her down here for her birthday.  Ya know, to sleep."

Emz, Pita & Peanut
Mase and rat-bag Chuy too.

wellllllll and
Woody. ;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Wordless Talking" - Llorca

Wordless.  Woodway.  Wednesday.


It's rest day tomorrow.
Thank. freaking. goodness.


1.  How often do you go to Costco? [yes, seriously]

2.  What time do you most frequently workout? [yes, be specific] and WHY?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Peer Pressure" - Pretty Ricky

Me: So when do you little ladies want to go to SFM? [Scottsdale Fashion Mall]
Peanut: We don't care. Just whenever you're done with your run.

Me: Well, I remember I ran kinda far yesterday? I was thinking of just taking a "rest" day.
Peanut: Mom, your "rest" day is on Sunday. So if you don't run today that'll actually be TWO rest days!

So happy I did.

Thanks Peanut for the motivational kick in the ass. . . aspaeris shorts!

[oh, by the way, these compression shorts, freaking rock . . . . need a pair? Use this link and type in CODE: APS4me and get 50% off!!

So while the Pita has gone fishin'.
Us girls ---- we are goin' shopping and one of us will be wearing compression everything.

Happy Saturday!

**Big plans today / tonight?**

s h a r e !

Friday, April 20, 2012

"Paradise" - Cold Play

So what does a normal person do when they can't go run the marathon they want to tomorrow?

Yes, it was the Emz [at home] Treadmill Marathon!
[my version of "paradise"]

I came in first in my age group!
First female!
and get this . . .
first place overall. ;)

Best Marathon Ever.

The crowds were a bit small.

Pita stopped by to say hi at 6:25am & Peanut at 7:20.

Got er dun in 3:23:[something] ehhhh, I'll take it.

Tonight . . . .

I've got big "girls ONLY" weekend planned with Peanut & a friend[s?].
I can already hear the giggling begin.

Happy.  Freaking.  Friday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Safe & Sound" - Taylor Swift

This picture says 944 incredible things to me.

Looking at it . . . . . . . brings the kind of smile to my face that NOTHING, and I mean, nothing else could.

I was in charge of a Daddy / Daughter [costume/dinner] event for eight [8-11 year olds] last night.

I saw them walk in and --- I didn't have words.

Love these two more than life.

She begged.

He delivered.

She was happy.

He was happy.

I was whatever is one up from happy.

 *    *    *    *    *

Can you tell who they are?
Let me help:


Happy Thursday
- Emz

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Photos" - Sleeperstar

Photo dump edition.

I found about [no joke] 150 photos on my "work" camera this afternoon.

Which . . . . . . Made. My. Day.

Here's about 4% of them:

Almost one year ago:
[so glad there isn't a smell feature on blogger]
This [one of only 9 photos I have of my partner in running crime, Dawn]:
This was taken in the last few seconds of my 24 hour adventure.

This from Catalina Marathon. My buddy I met on the ferry! First time Marathoner!

okay, this one is new-ish.
Pita stealing time on my woodway!
[ok, he deserved it --- he had just helped with the new electrical for the prior three hours]

My "Ed" looking sad. [ummmm, he IS for sale!]

And finally . . . . .

My team from the Ragnar Del Sol Ultra --- While I'm not sure what the crap I am doing but . . . . I love the photo.

And Mandi ---- you caught some serious air, girl.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Life" - Sly & the Family Stone


I woke up today [at 4:42] wondering where it went.

I know I spent a long time doing this:

Then made Peanut breakfast.

Then worked.

Did laundry.

Then Costco'd.

Then worked a little more.

Prepped dinner.

Then carpooled.

Answered all work emails.

Post office.

gym - weights.


Worked on church activity for Wednesday . . .

blah, blah, blah.

I hit the sack feeling ----- empty. Yes, I had run my rear end off doing the above [and believe it or not a lot of other things]. But as I laid down I got all EMZMOTIONAL.

Me: all this running around. it doesn't really matter.
Pita: oh man. Can you explain in 10 words or less?
Me: I wasn't there for Peanut tonight.
Pita: what did she need?
Me: well....nothing. But I should have just chilled with her before bed.
Pita: [silence]
Me: What I do each day "matters" right? Like all the superfluous crap?
Pita: No, don't do laundry until Saturday.
Me: [silence]
Pita: Game of Life Em, Game of Life.

I know we all have crap we MUST get done. I just want to make sure I'm living a life that REALLY matters too.

Did I take time to let someone turn [in traffic]?
Did I make anyone smile?
Did I help without consulting my calendar?
Did I help someone feel even 1% better than before they saw me?
Was I there for the ones I love? [like REALLY there...not on my phone, not watching tv at the same time].


While watching [and smelling] the Pita catch [his] farts in his hand and throwing them in his daughter's direction [as she ran away] seemed super gross last night . . . . . I'm kinda wishing I'd have enjoyed [from AFAR] that disgusting moment for what is was.......Super-unique father daughter bonding.

Here's to enjoying more of the "moments".

Friday, April 13, 2012

"Freak Out" -Avril Lavigne

okay . . .  "freak out" doesn't even begin to cover it.

signed.  sealed.  paid.  delivered.

I'm yours . . . .

 . . . . Mr. Woodway.

Got my last run EVER done on my NordicTrack before Mr. Wood's arrival.

I am ridiculously happy.  Like probably too happy.

But this baby. . . . .

. . . . . is going to be put to freaking good GREAT use.

Is it tomorrow morning yet?
[Dawn you freaking rock for putting up with me this morning.]
Let the fun begin!

** you ever been a little too excited about a purchase?  please say yes, please say yes.**

Happy Freaking Friday!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Click" [protein bars] - Little Boots

I spend a ridiculously stupid amount of time reading the crazy small writing on the back of protein bars.

I'm always floored by all the extra crap in them.  Yes, I realize a lot of that is added vitamins, etc but I also realize a lot of it makes it more like a candy bar than a "nutritional" bar.

So.  I.  Said.  Bucket.

And  made my own.

And if I do say so myself . . . . they freaking rock.

A few weeks back I won a jar of this awesomeness from Heather.   And to be honest by the time I'm hungry, I'm reaching for my pre-made shakes .. . ... yes, you can say it with me . . . . I am lazy.

But then I had a blond genius [no, it's NOT an oxymoron] moment last night.

Homemade Click protein bars!

Three ingredients [ok, 4 if you add the water part] people.  So freaking easy! [two of three found at Costco!] ;)

5 scoops Click
1/2 cup Peanut butter [this morning I made them with this and they are crazy good]
1 3/4 cups Coach's Oats [or regular Oats or GF oats - whatever floats your boats]
1/3 cup almond milk/soy milk/regular milk or water.  I used water. seriously.

stir, stir, stir

You can use a loaf pan or an 8 x 8 pan.

Then freeze for 35-40 minutes.

Cut into squares.  Refrigerate. 

Holy. Heaven.


In other news.

At 10AM tomorrow..............I'll be the happiest person you know. 

Is it tomorrow yet?

YAY Friday!

but..................Happy Thursday!

Any big plans this weekend?

That little Boston thing? ;)  Painting your bathroom?  Playing with Play-dough?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

"Everybody Talks" - Neon Trees

..............I'm finding the above to title be true.

Especially, teenage [and pre-teen] girls in movies.

Here it is . . . .  "by the numbers"

1 - guitar delivered today.

100 - percentage sure I am it grew since I last saw it.

4 - number of sleeps until THE delivery.

38 - time in minutes that we arrived before the movie started.

1 - minutes we should have arrived early.

13 - total amount of people in movie theater

10 - number of the above 13 who were over 13.

2 - girls I brought with me who watched the movie from in between their fingers

1 - person in theater wearing CEP compression socks & smelling like biofreeze.

30 - cost for 6 people to enter [score $5 before noon]

50 - cost to "feed" six people while watching a movie.

1 - people who snuck in a whole dill pickle.  what?  Long run recovery.

1 - number of 11 year olds who weren't too impressed with my "sneak in" food of choice.

12 - number of double chocolate chip cupcakes made after movie.

0 - number I decorated.

1 - mom who laughed till she cried when she was given this at her computer

kids. rock.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"4th Dimensional Transition" - MGMT

I love 4.
I REALLY love "4".

So I'm loving the fact that it is 4/4 today.

So I did what all other #4 lovers out there would have done.

Got up at 4:44am on 4/4.

Thank you to Adrienne for the inspiration.

[photo from her treadmill run last night].  freaking. loved. it.

It just looks pretty, doesn't it?

Almost daily AT 4:44pm my favoritest girl texts me "4:44 [with party emoticons that follow]". 

While I would have LOVED to have had the time to run 44.44 miles today . . .
I settled for this:

[The best run I've had in almost six months.  7:29 pace with the last 3 miles at 6:50.]

I know, where's the 4's, right?  Sometimes I actually have to force myself to NOT include a four.  It's a part of my OCD treatment that I'm not getting.

However, today April 4th IS National Walk to Work Day.

I totally took part.

Man, I freaking love working from home.

X 444.

** You have a favorite number?**

**Did you walk to work today?**

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Ruby Tuesday" - The Rolling Stones

Ten. Photo. Tuesday.

1. Poor. Mase. He's broken out in this nasty funktastic rash. So he's on meds and sporting the cone of shame.

Yes, he still sits outside my window [daily] watching me run.

2. His sad little face motivated me to "git er dun" early and a little faster than I had planned.

YAY! He knew I had promised him a walk [sans cone] after.

3. We walked Ms. Peanut to school. Mostly, just so I can talk her ear off and get 44 looks like this from her:

4. In outdoorsy news . . . .

We have three of these all a-bloom in out back yard . . . loving them.

5. I bought myself a gift yesterday. YES, at Costco.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Heavenly air blowing right at my backside while I run X 2. Best $44 investment EVER!

6. A quick "sorry" to anyone who may follow me on Pinterest. Ya, all those random "pins" last night . . . . kid totally hijacked my account. [she did put all of them on to the "PEANUT" board, so proud.] While some were funny:

others, well..........were funny if you are 11.

7-10. And thanks to Nana & Papa for paying out big time. You see. . . . . . my Dad once made us a promise, "You touch a Seagull, you get $100".




And as of yesterday . . . . that offer . . . . it no longer stands.

Now, if you touch a Seagull......

c o n g r a t s

You just freaking touched a Seagull. Please wash your hands.

Happy Tuesday!

** your parents ever make any deals like this with you growing up?**

**Have you even had to make your pet wear a cone of shame?**