Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Bullet & A Target" - Citizen Cope


was. a. freaking. blast.

Here's a few photos.

Set up:

My set up:



All. Sig. Smiles.

** Are you a gun fan? Gun hater? Gun indifferent? **

Happy Saturday!!


Di Tri-ing said...

Fun, Fun, FUN! I grew up in a law enforcement family so I've always been around them (and respect them immensely). I didn't start sport shooting until a few years ago and love trap shooting. I even have the Maui Lady Champion buckle to prove it. :) My husband is on Lanai today for a sporting clays shoot.

I like to shoot handguns, but I'm much more accurate with a shotgun or rifle.

Matthew Smith said...

Good shootin' there Annie Oakley! I didn't have guns around as a kid, but they are a heck load of fun!

Jan said...

Oooh, tough! I grew up in a hunting family and I had a gun and gun license quite young. I've let it lapse, though. I never got into hunting, but I always thought target practice was loads of fun!

Marlene said...

Indifferent if they are not being used to hurt anybody. :)

Looks good on ya!

Caroline said...

same as my Canadian pal Marlene but Bill here is a fan...he has quite the collection....