Friday, April 6, 2012

"Everybody Talks" - Neon Trees

..............I'm finding the above to title be true.

Especially, teenage [and pre-teen] girls in movies.

Here it is . . . .  "by the numbers"

1 - guitar delivered today.

100 - percentage sure I am it grew since I last saw it.

4 - number of sleeps until THE delivery.

38 - time in minutes that we arrived before the movie started.

1 - minutes we should have arrived early.

13 - total amount of people in movie theater

10 - number of the above 13 who were over 13.

2 - girls I brought with me who watched the movie from in between their fingers

1 - person in theater wearing CEP compression socks & smelling like biofreeze.

30 - cost for 6 people to enter [score $5 before noon]

50 - cost to "feed" six people while watching a movie.

1 - people who snuck in a whole dill pickle.  what?  Long run recovery.

1 - number of 11 year olds who weren't too impressed with my "sneak in" food of choice.

12 - number of double chocolate chip cupcakes made after movie.

0 - number I decorated.

1 - mom who laughed till she cried when she was given this at her computer

kids. rock.

Happy Weekend!


Unknown said...

Haha..a pickle in the movie?! Okay, I believe you've completely lost it.

Laurie said...

Kids do rock. I love the Bunny Hunger Games cupcakes, that's awesome!

Bet the biofreeze and pickle smell made for a lovely aroma. :)

Jan said...

Haha love that you wore compression socks & Biofreeze to the movie!

Unknown said...

That is the best cupcake everrr!

Mandi Runs said...

Best cupcake EVER!!! I freakin love your girl!! <3

Unknown said...

BAHAHAH! Laughing out loud at that cake. Who made that?? I love it!

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