Monday, April 30, 2012

"Good Feeling" - Flo Rida

By the numbers . . . . .


336 - number of miles run in April.

16 - miles run today.  15 of those at KMFB [use your secret decoder ring] pace.

16 - number of days I've [so far] loved my Woodway purchase.

25 - percent incline this treadmill goes.

4.4 - approx time in minutes I can actually stay at a 25% incline before dying.

0 - number of marathons upcoming on my 2012 calendar.


1 - desert tortoise we'll be "sitting" this week.

100 - percent chance I'm not adopting it [oh ya, Peanut is begging]

23 - number of days until Peanut's summer vacation starts.

1 - days the Pita will be fishing [yes, again] this week.

12 - hours I will spend at Peanut's volleyball tournament this Saturday.


92 - average temperature this week in Phoenix.

34 - amount, in dollars, I found my beloved Saucony progrid ride 3's for on sale today.

9 - pairs of jeans bought today TO SELL!

1,720 - amount in DOLLARS the above mentioned 9 pairs of jeans RETAILED for.

198 - amount in dollars that I PAID for above mentioned jeans.

1 - Happy Emz.

Hope your Monday was awesome!!


Mandi Runs said...

SCORE on those jeans lady!! LOVE IT!!

Your miles NEVER cease to amaze me. You are SO AWESOME!!!

pensive pumpkin said...

whoo hoo! I got to do a 12% incline today and it made me feel like a rock star. I cannot imagine. wow!!! (of course, i had to do it topless. so beat that, smartypants.)


Laurie said...

I can't believe you don't have any marathons scheduled... you must be saving yourself for something much longer. :)

I think I could do 92 degree averages for a while, but I would miss the green.

You simply rock.

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

You shop like me lady ;-)

Caroline said...

1 trip to California you should plan

or 2

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