Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Peer Pressure" - Pretty Ricky

Me: So when do you little ladies want to go to SFM? [Scottsdale Fashion Mall]
Peanut: We don't care. Just whenever you're done with your run.

Me: Well, I remember I ran kinda far yesterday? I was thinking of just taking a "rest" day.
Peanut: Mom, your "rest" day is on Sunday. So if you don't run today that'll actually be TWO rest days!

So happy I did.

Thanks Peanut for the motivational kick in the ass. . . aspaeris shorts!

[oh, by the way, these compression shorts, freaking rock . . . . need a pair? Use this link and type in CODE: APS4me and get 50% off!!

So while the Pita has gone fishin'.
Us girls ---- we are goin' shopping and one of us will be wearing compression everything.

Happy Saturday!

**Big plans today / tonight?**

s h a r e !