Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Photos" - Sleeperstar

Photo dump edition.

I found about [no joke] 150 photos on my "work" camera this afternoon.

Which . . . . . . Made. My. Day.

Here's about 4% of them:

Almost one year ago:
[so glad there isn't a smell feature on blogger]
This [one of only 9 photos I have of my partner in running crime, Dawn]:
This was taken in the last few seconds of my 24 hour adventure.

This from Catalina Marathon. My buddy I met on the ferry! First time Marathoner!

okay, this one is new-ish.
Pita stealing time on my woodway!
[ok, he deserved it --- he had just helped with the new electrical for the prior three hours]

My "Ed" looking sad. [ummmm, he IS for sale!]

And finally . . . . .

My team from the Ragnar Del Sol Ultra --- While I'm not sure what the crap I am doing but . . . . I love the photo.

And Mandi ---- you caught some serious air, girl.