Monday, May 7, 2012

"Today Is" - Hot Potato

Today is the one year anniversary of my 24 hour treadmill run. [That link gets you to part ONE of, I think, 4 that I wrote.]

I'm sure this post will bore 99.94% of you . . . . . so my apologies.

As I've said 87 billion times:

this. day. was. a. top. three. moment.


So, today, I am writing this [in all honesty] mostly for me. [and maybe, one day, when I'm old and crusty Peanut will want to share this with her family....maybe.]

While this run raised a large sum of money for the Sojourner Center.

I am the one who benefited the most from this event.

There was something incredibly humbling about this experience.

Being the girl with the camera in her face, in the spotlight and realizing . . . . all the people AROUND me are the ones who SHOULD be getting the attention.

[kleenex break]

Yesterday, I journaled about this day [in a private journal] in an insane amount of detail. After 550+ blog posts, I've learned some things truly are better unsaid unblogged.

A few of my favorite photos from this very special 24 hours of my life.

I loved that this was held at Channel 12. Loved Scott Light. Loved Jay the camera guy. LOVED.

Love this pre-set up photo. It says so much. Dawn [who may I mention, never freaking left my side] keeping tweets/texts going. My mom, showing love to Peanut and that freaking huge 5 pound gummy bear.

Leg Love X 444.

Me with my brother.

I love that when he came at 11am he asked, "so when does the next person come to run?"

Me: ummmm, never.

[so after he finished at work he drove home, got his gear.......and ran with his little sister] [must stop crying].

the literal way to "eat on the run".

How to "run with an IV that your husband is tall enough to hold".
[wasn't really needed but Channel 12 had a list of required things and my Dr. wasn't happy with my fluid loss.]

When the "CRT" thought it'd be funny to hang out with me for a while at 2:30am.

....with the women who made it all happen.

That moment when I realized . . . . . the treadmill only goes to 99.99 miles.

This moment where you ARE that happy.

...nothing like a hug from Dad.

And there's certainly nothing like a best friend. By the way, ask her about her mad straw skills.

......when you see your husband.
The best decision I ever made? HIM.


Until next time . . . .

[for my family, yes, Dawn, you are family]

I love you. Thank you for dealing with "emotional me" over the last 24 hours. To many this was "crazy" or "silly" --- thank you for seeing where my heart was and why this was important to me. It wasn't about me. It wasn't even about running. It was bigger. Thank you for knowing that.

I am more than thankful.
I am more than lucky.
I am more than blessed.
I am more than grateful.


Caroline said...

one year already...
I remember that day really well, how I wanted to be THERE. If there is a next time I am THERE. I admire what you did so much (you are way too humble) and you have a heart of GOLD.

Marlene said...


I remember this like yesterday. It might even be a top three moment in MY life. ha!

Awesome. Happy 24-hour-run-iversary!

Mandi Runs said...

<3 you Emz! You are an amazing woman! Thank you for inspiring me!!

This was SO awesome! So thankful I could come out and see you run for a little while :)

Karine said...

The emotion of that 24 hour period will never go away. It was a treasured experience for so many of us.

Thanks for sharing again. Please don't ever forget those feelings, they are priceless.

Sojourner thanks you and many unknown women have a special thanks for you.

misszippy said...

Wow. Can't believe it's been a year. You are a rock star. What a great moment for you, your loved ones, and Sojourner Ctr!!!

Laurie said...

That year went fast! Happy 24 hour run anniversary... thanks for sharing it with us again. What a truly amazing and selfless thing you did, how truly awesome to have such great people around you to enjoy it. You rock!

racing dawn said...

I never get sick of hearing/talking/reading about this.

Still just as amazing one year later.

You inspire us all to do hard things and push ourselves. And to do it all with heart.


Angie Bee said...

It does seem like just yesterday. Forever proud of you :)

Chicken said...


PavementRunner said...

Never read the original story, so I'm glad you decided to share on the anniversary... that is quite the tail. And those photos freaking rock! You are a true inspiration!

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

Never gets old! I just went back and reread the original posts again!

The Happy Runner said...

Loved reading about your run again. What you did was amazing!

MrsQ said...

I found your blog last year through other bloggers posting about your amazing treadmill run... I still get chills thinking about how amazing you are, as a runner and as a person, for doing this. :)

pensive pumpkin said...

+1 on what MrsQ said. this is why i found you. and why i stayed.

rock on.

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

I am so honored to even know you through this blog world. You are such an amazing person!! Thank you for who you are.

Missy said...

You are amazing and so inspirational.
Imagine what the world would be like if we all put our hearts into something like you did.
You have such a big heart and it shows.
Thanks for being awesome and motivating me to put my whole heart into everything I do. said...

You are an inspiration - seeing you honor those by doing something that doesn't compare is awesome. I joined Team In Training to honor those who are going through way more than my training. You rock

Petraruns said...

I SO remember this a year ago - thank you for reminding us. What an event - I don't know what was more inspiring - the cause, you, or the love you're surrounded with. From us too...

Jamoosh said...

EMZ - still rockin' it a year later!

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