Monday, July 30, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Show Me" - Usher

Ten.  Things.  Tuesday.

1.  It's [getting] hot here in the 602.

2.  Which means..........I'm kinda wishing I could do this every day

[Huge thank you to Lesley for the freaking awesome shirt.]

3.  Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut instead Peanut took me shopping yesterday for "Mom shorts" [insert huge "GAG" here.] 

SFAM $180 shorts that I paid $17.  Still. freaking.  ugly.  [92% of the reason WHY I wear workout clothes all day long.]

4.  They sell these at Costco now? 

Peanut:  Mom, you got a treadmill......can I get this?
Me:  notafreakingchanceever

5.  Best grocery trip ever [yesterday].

I totally planned it.

6.  This ridiculous blurp was on this morning.

Any one else see this?  "Six weeks to OMG", ya, I'm NOT a fan.  [here]

7.  It was my "half birthday" last week. [ya, I even forgot]

He. freaking. rocks.

8.  Anddddddddddddddd did I mention . . . . . [from yesterday]

Love.  Him.

9.  Who really does what they "pin" on Pinterest anyway?

Ummmmmmmm.  Peanut. [& co]

10.  Seriously cute, no?

[hair pin] . . . made out of the Pita's suit pants......that. he. ripped. the. bum. open. on. WHILE. at. work. yesterday.

Peanut. was. stoked.


So did anyone else see that clip on the Today Show this morning?


Friday, July 6, 2012

"Where Have You Been" - Rihanna

Today has been  a w e s o m e.

Don't mind me.  I'm just smiling ear to ear as I type.

Yesterday, I received this:

So [of course] today I HAD to test in out on the long run.

Seriously --- awesome.

Click here to check out her amazing designs. Anddddddd by the way, the second that "Bubblegum 011" comes out . . . . watch out! ;)

"Look Good, Run Faster" ----- I am SOLD!!

On the cooking/nutrition front:

I found Carisse on Instagram.  Loved her receipes and they got my creative juices flowing. [I know, this is dangerous]

But after many trials I found MY perfect muffin.


[makes 6 LARGE muffins [125 calories in each large one] or 10 smaller-ish ones]

29oz canned pumpkin
2 scoops protein powder [the one I have is GF and approx 100 cal/scoop]
3 egg whites beaten
1/2T cinnamon
1/3 Cup Splenda

Mix it all up.
I sprinkle a few chopped pecans on top before baking.
Throw the babies in the oven for 40 minutes at 350*

When baked but not cool yet........I take a fork and drizzle a little natural peanut butter on top.  It almost melts on top like butter.

Now the important part.

Just. add. the. pickle.


Happy. Friday!

Monday, July 2, 2012

"Hot Blooded" - Foreigner

By the numbers . . . .

4 - days spent at the AZ Volleyball Festival last week.

25 - number of hours spent watching Peanut play volleyball.

4 - number of [full out] blocks she had

7 - number of aces

4 - number of nights she was asleep by 8:30pm

2 - number of old volleyball coaches of mine I ran into.

4 - number of times I passed by my old stomping grounds [from the 24 hour run]
I'm used to this:

0 - number of treadmills I saw outside the studio ...wierd

100 - percent chance there will be another 24 hour treadmill run.

321 - number in dollars to replace one freaking tire on my car.

2 - the number of Hokas I wish I'd have bought with above mentioned funds. The "NEW" Hokas = LOVE.
[photos a la Peanut---this was an awesome 20 minutes . . . . I'll have to post the even worse & more hilarious photos one day]

2 - number of hours spent at Costco today.

3 - actual costco items purchased.

1 - number of ELATED daughters I have who will now be wearing contacts.

2 - number of worried parents the above mentioned daughter now has.

100 - percent chance she somehow looks even more beautiful now.

1 - additional guns the Pita will probably purchase [he'll say it's due to the above].

0 - ideas as to WHAT to buy the Pita for his BIG "40" coming up this month.


What do I buy the Pita for the big 40?!?