Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Ain't That Peculiar" - Marvin Gaye

Like 874 .....ok fine, 8 days ago an awesome KIWI blogger tagged me.

And I do anything a New Zealander asks me to.

I was tagged to answer 11 random things about me. But..........I added 3 because I like 14 better. Sorry. I never did follow rules well.

Let's DO IT:

Her questions for me:

1. Jogging on the spot at the red lights - good or pathetic?

*pathetic - mind you, I'm a treadmill girl.

2. What is your best running moment?

*24 hour treadmill run

3.What gets you into blogging? Do you get inspired to run more by other bloggers?

*lately....getting tagged. ;) I do get inspired by other bloggers, for sure.

4. What is your favorite running blog and why?

*Seriously too many. I know that's lame but it's true.

5.What do you carry on you when you run?

*In training - nada.
*On races - gu, watch, gum

6. If time is not an issue,would you prefer to run in hot or cold weather? Rain or shine? Day or night?

*I'd say cold even though I dislike cold, I sweat like crazy. LOVE the rain. And day - for sure.

7. What is your favourite dessert?

*Carrot cake

8. What are your short-term running goals?

*yikes . . . . . I'm doing my first R2R2R at the Grand Canyon in October, does that count?

9. How do you reward yourself after a long hard run?

*Pickles - then Mexican food

10. Do you try to eat healthy most of the week and how do you do it?

*Yes, for sure. I work from home so I really have no excuse for bad eating.

11. Name one really good movie you have watched recently and why?

*Watched "Sliding Doors"- way old but I found it in our collection. Love that movie. Reminds me that life happens in the little decisions we make.......not the huge ones.

My +3

1. I'm a self check-out girl. Doesn't matter if I buying 2 items or 222 items. I like to bag my own items, in my own freaking way. Type A? me? never.

2. I have a huge obsession with the number 4. But more importantly, 444.
No, I'm not into numerology. Just carries a big meaning to me.

3. I have words I hate. YES. H A T E. not dislike. not that bother me....but HATE.
The worst offender . . . . . I can't even write. But anyone who knows me knows the WORD.

I can almost dry heave just thinking about it.


Do YOU have A word?


racing dawn said...

Hmmm. I think I know the word. But I won't write it. Don't need you dry-heaving mid-day. :)

I have a word. But I won't write cause then I'd be dry-heaving.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

I can't really think of a word that I absolutely hate... I'm boring like that! Hope you're doing well! Just stopped by to say hey! :) I'm trying to catch up with everyone since I've got a week of summer break before school starts back up! lol... wish I had a longer summer break than one week... I'm dedicated, what can I say? lol ;)

Sarah said...

I hate many many words. To the point where it makes me shudder when I hear them. Unfortunately the top dog is one that people use all the time. I cant even write it. Starts with an f and is a bodily function. The strangest word I hate is probably potty. How old are we? Lol!

pensive pumpkin said...

I had a friend in school who hated the word "moist" and we'd work it into classroom discussion to freak him out. This is even harder than it seems, given we were in law school at the time.

Laurie said...

Hmmm, I think I know your word too but I'm not sure but I won't mention it just in case. I remember it because it seemed like kind of a bizarre word to dislike so much and I've always wondered if there was a reason behind it.

I've always really disliked "mama", don't really have a reason but I've never liked it. Also don't like "panties", my girls wear "unders". :)

Cotter Crunch said...

LOL, i have many words that i do not like. Hate is one of them. hehe.

I have a kiwi who can give you something to say. just a thought.

Christie said...

I'm doing R2R2R in October too! Maybe we will run into each other - Although... you will probably zip right past me:)

Anonymous said...

Love it girl!! I am enjoying following you on instagram - I had tons of pickles in my salad today and thought of you!!

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