Thursday, January 17, 2013

"I'm Sorry" - Blake Shelton

Yes, I'm sorry, in advance.

This is probably going to be too long.
This is a bit of a RANT.

I've had this post burning in my brain ever since the day after my birthday.


That's when the emails started coming. I deleted a few. I replied to a few. Funny how after I sat and wasted my time writing back........ 3 of the 4 emails [magically] came back "undeliverable", "unknown email", " no recipient". Hmmmmmmmm.


Let me back up a bit.

As I'm sure 99.99% of you know.

I. love. my. treadmill.

LIKE - I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove my treadmill. Ever since I set foot on one for my 24 hour treadmill run, I was sold.

I've trained on one EXCLUSIVELY for 2.5 years. It works for ME.

I often get awesome emails from people asking me:

* what brand of treadmill I run on
* what treadmill I had before I bought my Woodway
* what treadmill I would suggest in a certain price point, etc.

[Let me add I LOVE answering questions, especially treadmill questions, I welcome them.]

To which I do my usual reply......

"I had a NordicTrack Elite XT. I am NOT a fan of the company but the treadmill never did me wrong."

I also get a lot of people asking:

What does Woodway give you for all the plugs you send their way?

Ummmmmmmmm. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Zero.

I have NO "paids". No sponsors. No kickbacks.

I love their product. I love the company. I love the employees I have spoken to.
I plug them because I believe in their product.

Which is WAY more than I can say for NordicTrack.

Now here's where I get a little feisty.

When people email [not comment but email] me and say:

"I'll take your 36 mile run seriously when you do it outside."
"It's easier on a treadmill"
"You could be a really great runner, if you trained outside"

There were two others that followed the same general subject.

So here are my replies, being that most emails bounced back:

"I did do that little 50 mile Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim run at the Grand Canyon [outside, on a trail] which I trained for on. my. treadmill.

Maybe a "great runner" isn't a 3:18 marathoner - but I'm happy with it.
I'll take your outside running a little more seriously when YOU run 36 on a treadmill."

Not sure how the Big Time Running Bloggers do it.
ShutUp + Run

I bow down to them. Seriously.

My skin is way too thin. Crap like this irritates me to no end.

If you hate the treadmill or "dreadmill"..... Sweet. Great. Awesome.

I'm not here trying to sway you to run on a moving rubber belt.
If you like the asphalt - awesome.
If you like dirt - sweet.

But seriously, to each their own.


Jade Seelye said...

I think it is crazy awesome that you ran 36 miles on a treadmill or AT ALL! Wowza, you rock :)

susette said...

Amen!! The longest I've ever run on a treadmill was a half marathon. Wasn't too bad considering I had plenty to watch on t.v. and that it was -10 degrees outside. I love my treadmill too :)

Eugenia Byrne said...

I am so sorry about those negative responses. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my treadmill as well, and run long distances on it most days. I have never been more fit. I personally feel it is harder both mentally and physically. When I do run outside, it feels much easier. I am very grateful that I have a strange love for my treadmill. Most people I know can't stand it, and can only manage 30 minutes before they have to stop. You are an AMAZING runner, and very inspiring. Don't listen to those few people...they are just jealous :)

Cotter Crunch said...

rain, shine, outdoor, indoor, treadmill, trails, etc. You are always a badass to me because you LOVE the sport.

Gracie said...

Four miles on a treadmill is harder for me than a marathon outside. Period. You are always awesome.

Carrie Skoll said...

You are a rockstar! Badass doesn't even begin to describe you. Don't apologize. You are freaking amazing. Belated Happy Birthday - never had a chance to wish you a H.B.D. on your blog.

Johann said...

Nicely said! I feel the same way about people telling me I'm not a real runner because I don't run the Comrades Marathon every year. That's a SA thing but as you say, to each their own. I just prefer trail stage races where I don't see other runners for hours sometimes above big crowds on the road. I admire you and how well you train and race. Keep it going EMZ!

Jamoosh said...

While I often give you grief, in a fun way, about running on a treadmill, the bottom line that most of these zealots overlook is the fact that you (and all the other folks laboring away the miles on a treadmill) are active - and that is what is most important. It's kind of like someone saying - oh, you're not on the water, so that rowing you do doesn't count. Idiots...

Ted said...

Not a treadmill runner, but have followed your blog from time to time, as it is quite entertaining, and 36 miles is way Boss. And most friends I know who have done Rim 2 Rim get plenty of mileage (pun intended) from stories just about that. Turning around and knocking out another Rim 2 Rim is also way Boss.
The internet is a rowdy place. Nothing to do but let it roll off.

thedancingrunner said...

Girlfriend, don't worry about the naysayers. Just keep doin' you. You are my inspiration and I love seeing you bust out those miles. Keep on rockin'!

Cook.Clean.RUN.Dream said...

Love it!

I do 99% of my running outside, even in single digit Utah winters. I have access to a treadmill and just prefer the outside. Honestly I find the treadmill SIGNIFICANTLY harder than running outside. I ran a little 12 mile run on the mill last weekend because there was just way too much snow on the ground to slog through for over 2 hours. At the time I thought to myself that I really need to run more runs on the treadmill just because I believe it makes you mentally tough.

36 miles on the treadmill = bad a$$!!!

laughresearchwriterun said...

I'm not a fan of treadmills... but that's me. I think however you run, wherever you run, whenever you run... what matters is that you run! Some people love trails, some love the road, some love the beach, and a brave few love the treadmill. don't let the haters get you down! following you on instagram is inspiring and amazing! (i'm @peglegmeg on instagram and @megatha on twitter). So keep on rocking and let the haters hate.

pensive pumpkin said...

people suck. which makes it much easier to drown them.

I like the treadmill and can't wait until I like myself enough to purchase one so I don't have to drive down perfectly lovely (BUT FOGGY, HOLY POOP IS IT TOO FOGGY TO FIGHT CARS TODAY) roads to get to the gym to run on one. I've done more than 3 hours on the Mill, but I didn't get as far as you. : )

*big hug*

Kait Comiskey said...

people who waste so much time and energy on being negative clearly have have bigger issues than disputing treadmill versus outdoor running. you almost gotta feel bad for people who legit love to hear themselves b*tch.

Mandi Runs said...


#andiloveyourtreadmilllove <3


Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

keep burnin' that rubberbelt Emz!!!

Claire @Let's Go On A Living Spree said...

I am with you 100%. All the way girl! I LOVE LOVE runming on my treadmill (True for me not Woodway but who cares???) AND I'm super slow AND I dont run even close to your mileage but I've run 5 marathons and 2 half ironmans...and even little (err slow) old me is a runner. You are like a running superstar! I bow down :-)

Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl said...


Heather @ Better With Veggies said...

Wow - I am shocked. I always forget how many people are rude when they're hidden behind their computers. I am IMPRESSED with your dedication and ability to go the distance on the treadmill. It's an excellent training tool!

skinnyrunner said...

I love your replies. :)

Anne said...

You are amazing!

Phaedra Kennedy said...

I think it's freaking AMAZING that you do all your runs on the treadmill. I'm especially in awe of the 36 miler. I think that takes some serious mental focus and mad running skilz to do on the treadmill!
I'd like to know who these morons are that belittle your achievements. A runner is a runner is a runner, no matter WHERE you do it.

Jen said...

Ugh. People are ridiculous -- it seems like the internet brings out the judgmental self-righteousness in so many! What you do is incredible, treadmill or outdoors. Personally I get bored on the treadmill unless I'm doing speed work, but that only makes me respect those who do long runs on it more because of their serious mental chops! You do you, as they say on Jersey Shore ;)

Spence Smith said...

My hat's off to you. I'm not a treadmill fan but my last few training runs on them have given me new hoe for sure. All that to say... I have another fast marathon friend who is a 3:15 pace setter and a Boston qualifier who only trains on a treadmill. I'm amazed. Way to go!

Caratunk Girl said...

What jerks!!!! I can't believe people said that to you!!! It makes me so freaking mad!!!!! I think you are AWESOME. More awesome because you do what works for you and encourage others to do the same. And you ran 24 hours on a treadmill to HELP PEOPLE...what have they done???? Grrr. I'm sorry that happened to you! You are an incredible person and an accomplished RUNNER.

I think I could go on for hours. I want to kick someone in the knee. Xoxo

AlwaysJoy said...

So this is the first time I've read your blog (we follow each other on ig and I didn't know you were a blogger but I'll totally be adding you to my reader now) but to the naysayers (one of my favorite words btw) ummm would they care to join you for the 36 miles? Because (and I'm a runner and I go to the gym for 3 to 4 classes a day) I sure as hell could NOT! I have 13(.1) in me but 36??? Nope no way! And 36 is 36 is 36 whether you do it on a treadmill a road a dirt path or well whatever! Props to you! And yay for good deeds :-)

AlwaysJoy said...

So this is the first time I've read your blog (we follow each other on ig and I didn't know you were a blogger but I'll totally be adding you to my reader now) but to the naysayers (one of my favorite words btw) ummm would they care to join you for the 36 miles? Because (and I'm a runner and I go to the gym for 3 to 4 classes a day) I sure as hell could NOT! I have 13(.1) in me but 36??? Nope no way! And 36 is 36 is 36 whether you do it on a treadmill a road a dirt path or well whatever! Props to you! And yay for good deeds :-)

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Cheryl. Can. Suck. It.
You rock.

cori said...

I've gotten in arguments with people about this a lot recently too. I ALSO love the treadmill and often times prefer it.

I do enjoy running outside, don't get me wrong but I run so much that my body falls apart a lot quicker when I run outside every day.


Kat @ S and F said...

Amen sister! Whatever works for you! And you're a beast! the nicest way :) honestly if I found a treadmill I home...I'd be golden. I just dislike being on them at the gym...with maintenance seriously needed...and people right next to me...awkward ;)

Dani @Run Daniella Run said...

Agreed! I have learned to love love love the treadmill and look forward to each run with my new lover. Who cares if you train solely on the are training! Last time I checked if you ran you were a runner, under a 3:30 marathon, freaking bad ass! Those people need a hobby. Haters gonna hate.

rungirlsramblings said...

I understand your love for the mill... I too love my treadmill. What difference does it make where you run, just as long as you run! Your 36 mile run inspires me... my record is 14. But I've always wanted to do more.
Great blog too!

Diana Chen (ig flaminlephants) said...

I love treadmill running and mainly only run on treadmills. I honestly don't care for outdoor running but I know my sister loves it and hates the treadmill. To each their own but no one should be bashing treadmill running. It's still running lol and on a side note my sister and u freaking love you!!! Thank goodness mrsshedded posted to follow you bc simply you are amazing!!!!

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