Monday, March 25, 2013

"X Gon' give It to Ya" - DMX [ProCompression winner]

Since it's Peanut's Spring Break this week.......

This is going to be fast.

We've got like 7 libraries she wants to hit up. [who is this child of mine?]

The winner of the ProCompression [magic] socks is

Which is..................

Run with Jess!!

Email me lady! [runemzrun at gmail]

Happy Monday to you ALL!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Suit & Tie" - JT [socks & shorts] -whatever ProCompression [GIVEAWAY] & Motionwear [discount]

So lately.

My fun has been found here [Instagram].  I freaking love it.

Like LOVE it X 444.

It's my happy place.  I pretty sure no one misses my "blogging" [minus my Mom].  I find Instagram to be a mini blog through a photo.  It works for me.

However, these two promos brought me back for a quick blog post.

* ProCompression giveaway


* Motionwear discount.

I have long been a believer in compression post workout.  I am now beginning to enjoy it during as well.  I typically stuck with my CEP compression socks.......mostly because they were the first brand I was exposed to.  After seeing a promo code on Hungry Runner Girl's blog a while back......I took the PCPPro Compression Plunge.


I a fan.

And I may wear them a lot.

Like a freaking lot.

So ProCompression has offered to giveaway one pair to one of you.  Sa-weet.
Here's how you enter:

LEAVE A COMMENT FOR EACH [4 possible entries]

1. Tell me your big goal for 2013
2.  Follow @Procompression on twitter
3.  Follow me on Instagram
4.  Tweet ..... "Yes, I freaking want to win some @procompression from @runemz and I think they should make these in CAMO."  ;)

And just because they rock........ is the promo code for 40% off :  BLG13

I also received a pair of  Motionwear shorts to try out.

I did one of my recovery runs in them.  Zero complaints.  Felt great.  No rude rubbing or weird seams.  #hugewin

[Please ignore the grandma socks.]

They are offering 15% off a $75 order when you use promo code: RUNEMZ

You can find them at
Twitter @motionwear
Instagram @motionwear

Winner will be announced Monday the 25th.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Gratitude" - Beastie Boys [+ Phoenix Marathon]


That's me.

I used to be able to sit down to blog and the words would just come. Lately, I've struggled to put recent events into words.

"Thank you" - just doesn't seem to cover what I am feeling.

Let me take a step back. I'll give you a few examples.

* I was blown away when I got to meet [in real life] RAchelle [yes, the CAP on that A is supposed to be there] ;)

How I would describe her four words:


But she went above and beyond the call of any friend last Saturday and ran 18 of my 26.2 mile marathon with me.

Here is [really] where I do not have the words. She talked to me from mile 18-25 - calf pain a-blazing. Telling me story after story. Stories of triumph. Stories of pain. Stories of encouragement. I have since spent two hours writing this down in my journal. I know, Emily, it was a freaking race. Well, no, sorry, it wasn't. It was a lot more than a race. In fact, it was barely a race. I will treasure this day forever. However, it certainly will not be because I freaking finally got a new PR.

* Grateful for the confidence this race gave me. I now KNOW I can do a 3:09. I'll get it. I held back at the beginning which felt great. Only to cramp from a muscle pull [incurred 10 days before race day] at mile 15. Not awesome. But......still.........grateful

* When Further. Faster. Forever. highlighted me as their "Athlete of the Week".

A huge honor for me. This is an incredible community of athletes run by athletes. I have "met" some of the kindest people though this group.

People Like . . . .

mcg_christopher who ran 13.44 freaking miles on a treadmill. THEN.......donated $444 to the Sojourner Center. The Domestic Violence shelter I ran for 24 hours to raise money for.


* And that text I got from my Mom on Friday. She knew the Doctor told me not to race. She also knew there wasn't a chance in *&## I'd listen. So she text me five words.

You. Can. Do. Hard. Things.

What are you grateful for today?