Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Javelina" - The Sheepdogs [ Javelina Jundred ]

Only four days to go.

Four days until my first [TRAIL] 100 mile run.  Yes, I have done two other 100+ mile runs but ------ they were both on a treadmill.  So this will be new, exciting, nerve wracking & [hopefully] awesome.

The Javelina Jundred.

This race takes place at the  McDowell Mountain Regional Park outside Fountain Hills, AZ.

It is a race I've wanted to do for the past three years.  It typically falls on my/our anniversary.  And I really can't blame the Pita for NOT wanting to spend our day watching his crazy wife run in loops for 24 hours.

HOWEVER...........this year it is 3 days after our anniversary and he surprised me with the best anniversary present ever.

My. Race. Entry.

The Javelina Jundred is comprised of six and a half loops on the rolling single track and jeep track of the 15.4 mile Pemberton Trail. The race begins in the clockwise direction and alternates each loop (washing machine style).

And we all really know WHY I signed up don't we?

Ya, I might be slightly obsessed with belt buckles.  And this one......

the. freaking. best.

I will crawl, if I must, to get this buckle.

I plan to fuel mostly the same way I did in San Francisco.  Mad amounts of Vega hydrator, Vega Energizer, bagels & #ALLTHEFREAKINGPICKLEJUICE I can get my hands on.

It is going to be a HOT one.

HIGH: 89* / Low 60*  ---- not ideal but not horrible.

The hydration is going to be critical.

Good thing - I was just sent 500.  Yes. FIVE + ZERO + ZERO shaker cups from GNC.  Because if you express a GREAT dislike of shaker bottles ........ they'll send you 500.  I kid.  I kid.

It goes without saying but I AM A HUGE fan of GNC.  Always have been.  I'm pretty sure the Athletarian & I hit up no less than 5 GNC's in the 5 days she was in Arizona.

I'm truly grateful they have donated these freaking make my eyes hurt shaker bottles.

I'll be selling them and donating ALL the funds [less actual shipping fees] to Effect International.  The same charity I ran to raise funding for last month in San Francisco.  Stay tuned for more info......

And one of the best parts of this weekend.......

This Guy:

Mr. Combs.  He will be pacing me for the last 40-ish miles of this run.  My partner in VEGA crime.  He was one of the people who inspired me to go "plant based".  Haven't looked back since.  He is an amazing runner & I am truly blessed to have him pace me.

What an adventure this will be.

If you'd like to donate to Effect International click the link [here].



  1. This race is one of my most "want sooo much to do" races! I read about it many years ago and have always followed it. Have a super time out there and enjoy every moment. Trail 100 milers are the best running can offer. That's my opinion anyway :) All the best EMZ!

  2. About time you had a good band in your post title...


    Best of luck, although I doubt you'll need any!

  3. Yay! I know you'll do awesome. This is so up your alley. I'm so very excited for you! Good luck!!!

  4. You are awesome. This is awesome. N.C. is awesome. Can't wait to hear all about it after. #jfr #iflyf #always #SDinFL

  5. You inspire me daily, Emily. Kick some dirt and get that belt buckle!!

  6. Awwww the belt buckle.... Loooovvvee. Your heart is so huge and completely genuine... Good amazing blessings are coming your way. This weekend is going to rock. #yfgt

  7. you inspire me to no end! good luck and i definitely want a shaker bottle!

  8. Oh, goodness, I love the Tony Krupicka meme - that is waaaaaaay more awesome and relevant to me than those silly Ryan Whoever-He-Is ones!!

  9. I'm convinced you're just too much awesome. The human body can't handle that much awesome, so that's why you run so much- to release awesome and spread the wealth. Love your attitude about...everything.

  10. Need a race report on here!

  11. You're a champ for running that! And in those temps! AZ girl here and I seriously shut down when I run in heat....mentally at least. :) good luck

  12. So I am sitting here at 12:48am thinking "I SHOULD CHECK OUT EM'S BLOG" and TA-DAHHHH! I missed this post. Love you and your crazy ways. Okay. I will probably text you in a few hours. LYF. {insert ALL the emoticons}

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