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Friday, September 16, 2011

"Honestly" - Cartel

My intentions hold no mystery.

I completely suck at keeping my own thoughts secret.

The things I should probably "keep to myself". I usually cannot.

I mean, I don't tell my life story to a random post office clerk or ever answer "how are you doing today?" with anything negative. It's always a "good", "great", or "can't complain".

However, when people ask my opinion . . . well......they asked, right?!

If some random person wants to know "which dress" looks better - I'll say which one within seconds.

I always have an opinion.


I always have my own back.

If someone makes a brash/rude comment to me - - - I'll reply 99% of the time. I always try to do it in an "as nice as possible" way. My new method of counting to four before I reply has helped a lot. ;)

In relationships, I'm not afraid to reveal my feelings, no matter how rare/raw they are. I don't shy away from frank discussion about losses and heartaches.

I often do borderline stupid random things . . . . . I know I'm on the receiving end of eye-rolls way more than I'd care to admit. I'm freaking good with it. Laughing at myself . . . . .I'm a pro at that!

I can run through my days, second guessing others' intentions, motivations, thoughts, but . . . . . . . the truth is . . . . . . I'm having way too much fun keeping mine in check.

since this is MY blog . . . . . here's what . . . . .

"I'm thinking about today":

* I finally felt awesome during a long-ish run.

* I wish I could prevent Peanut from ever getting zits.

* I'd like twin boys. I have two awesome boy's names and I'd hate to have to only pick one.

* I wish January would come sooner.

* When should I post my HAKA?

* I wish I was in Logan with Dawn. I should have sucked it up and bought the dang [hugely over-priced] ticket. [all three of you girls [Erin, Cari & Dawn] - go out there and kick it]

* I love this photo from Pokey marathon [and I'm not even flipping the camera off?!!?]

* I've secretly always wanted a tattoo. Just can't think of anything that would still look cool when I'm all wrinkly and still wearing bra tops during marathons at 80.

* I'm digging my new Newton's. Thanks Coach!

* but ---- I'm kinda digging these more [ya, thanks Dawn]. And they cost less?!?! WHAT THE . . .

* I can't believe I just paid someone $50 to make my dog look this ridiculous.

* That was really stupid to send a reminder text to Peanut at 1:15am when I remembered something.

* Even stupider . . . .thinking she would have it on "silent". Yes, the Emz household LOVED that.

* I hate politics. Truly. Hate all the hate IN politics.

* Should a treadmill really cost the amount of a used car?


What are you thinking about today?

Other than . . . . . it's FRIDAY!!!!!!